……………………Just when you thought you were finished with summer and you had seen the last ombre color for the season……………SURPRISE……………….SURPRISE!!!!!!!…………………………..

This is one of my newest colors………..CELADON……the ┬átunic style number is A263353……..You can see how one thing influences the other. Did the GREEN PATINA jewelry come first or the print? I can tell you it was the jewelry that inspired the Celadon color for the ombre. There are approx. nine to ten different screens of colors, one overlaying the other, to create the ombre effect. There are subtle taupes, and a variety of greens, starting at the bottom with a deep evergreen color and ending at the top with the palest celadon……….To be completely honest, when I said SURPRISE!, I was surprised to see these new ombre colors scripted in this June show too. They were scheduled to be part of my July TRANSITION show on the 10th. I guess since they were already in and processed…..why hold them almost another month…….I hope you like the three new colors I am offering you plus we are bringing back into inventory the very popular ALABASTER!….If you are wondering what is that beautiful green pant…..it’s new! It’s in the wonderful CREPE GAUZE….It’s a classic pull-on with an elastic top…..It has pockets…..It’s unlined……..It will be avail in Reg. and Petite lengths…….The color is IVY, and it will be avail on my July show!………………………….enjoy………………..much Love…………………………..Louis

33 Responses to ““THE CELADON OMBRE TUNIC””

  • I am not “Anonymous.” I am “Goldie76.”

  • Louis,

    I finally received my Celadon tunic and find it to be GORGEOUS! Thank you so much for this color.

    Cannot wait for the Green Patina jewelry.

  • OMG… I’m DANCING FOR JOY. I LOVE this ombre tunic top. It’s one of your best. I already own 3 and just bought 2 more, plus a cardi. The celadon is so tempting. I’ve got a yellowish tone to my skin, so when I wear green, which is not often, it needs to be more of a BLUE GREEN. What do you think Louis? I’m not sure what to make of the color here… other than it’s so pretty. KEEP THIS TOP COMING! Can’t wait to see you again. YOU ARE THE BEST. I have something of yours on just about, if not every day. Thanks so much for your high standards, quality and exceptional styling.

    • nyc1…..The greens are definitely blue toned…..not yellow or olive in any way.

    • I love everything about the QVC A263353 ombre tunic EXCEPT the hi-low hem line. I own two of them, but I WISH the top was just a tunic with the low in back gone. I’m 62 and still don’t feel the need to cover that area – tummy yes, backside no. I wear a large. Maybe in the future…?

  • This is off topic but the ivy gauze pants coming — are they the crepe gauze or the moss crepe fabric?

    Thank you.

  • Of course I am buying all three colors and hoping that it won’t be too long till the next colors are brought to the Q. I get compliments every time I wear one of these. Wore the Alabaster with khaki pants to a 50th graduation party last weekend and it looked wonderful. No one else has anything like it. Thanks Louis for your wonderful clothing.

  • Hi Louis

    I think your new green patina fish and beads are sensational looking. I was thinking another accessory to dress up my olive/black tortoise print jacket. I cannot wait to purchase!

  • Wish they would have had these available for purchase today during the easy pay event.

  • Love these ombre tunics! I have three colors so far but I can see there could be more in my future. All these new colors are great!

    But, Louis, I want to get the fish story straight here. When is the very first airing of new colors in the fish necklace? I thought you mentioned July, but maybe it’s August now? I’ve already reeled in the silver, gold, and gun metal fishies, but I’m anxious to bait my hook and haul in a few more. Can you please tell us what all the new color choices will be? The green patina fish shown above is truly outstanding!!!

    Thanks for any info.

    • Dear Kathy…here’s the scoop……they were originally scheduled for July…..but…..when they decided to do the Aug 25th jewelry show on QVC2 at 6pm, they decided to hold the fish for the show. The colors are Green Patina, Shiny Black, and Russian Gold.

      • Louis
        The green patina jewelry is gorgeous and so unique looking.. I assume the round beads will also be on your August show.

        Thank you

  • Stunning! Will look on QVC’s site as soon as I finish writing to you. Love your line and don’t want to miss your shows. Thanks for letting me know you’ll be on Q2 so I’m able to watch on my PC to view everything really closely and listen to you well. Love your comments! The celadon and plum are gorgeous! Perfect for my coloring. Keep designing and we’ll keep buying.

  • Love the celadon! Perfect with the new jewelry.

  • Very “Modern Mermaid!”

  • Hi Louis, The range of grayed out blue/green colors you brought us this season are very sophisticated and a real hit in my wardrobe. The dress in slate green, the stand collar tunic and peplum jacket in aqua mist are wonderful. I’m looking forward to adding the Ombre Tunic in Celadon.
    The ombre tunics in peacock and aqua are already favorites of mine so I know I’ll loe this too!

  • So luscious, so rich — in an original and subdued manner. Love the jewelry and the top!

  • OMGoodness! What a Beautiful colour! I also want everything on this page – the Tunic – the Pants (Crepe Gauze is a favourite) – the Jewellery!

    BTW – Louis, I ordered this Tunic in the Alabaster (LOVE) on April 22, 2017 when it was first posted – how did the Q get this Tunic re-ordered in Alabaster – and 3 new colours so quickly!

    • It wasn’t quick….it was planned months ago! On the strength of previous sales and the fact that it kept selling out…..we planned for two different months delivery in different colors. Everyone felt strongly about the Alabaster so that was brought forward.

      • Louis, Now that was a brilliant strategy! If I were your Jewellery Buyer – I would consider using this tactic – once you start having your Jewellery Shows – Customers won’t want to wait one year to get more inventory!

  • Definitely a wow factor. I showed this to my husband to help me explain to him why it is so hard to resist more and more Linea. Best clothing ever!! In any way it can be measured. I’m not all that fond of wearing green but I want this entire outfit. Just wow.

    • Well Laura…….this may open your horizon to the green factor! It’s a special look with very special jewelry…..which will be on my August 25th QVC2 6pm show!!!

  • Wow!! Celadon and plum for me. I thought I was done getting these tops, but you continue to amaze me. Gorgeous! I need that green patina jewelry. Beautiful!!

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