I keep getting asked where do I get my berets……from all over, and from where ever I see them, and I mean all over….in the strangest stores in NYC that just happen to have them in the window. I did make my last purchase on e bay. The company is from Poland and is called……Jedrzejko………They also have a direct web site, but I do not recommend buying direct. They have wonderful colors and the size is just right. The quality is good……I did buy a large quantity from them through e bay. They were paid for, but I didn’t get delivered. I had to go through e bay to get my order…. e bay stands behind you. They would have paid me what the company owed, but as I said with e bay pressuring them they got the order to me. I don’t know why this happened as I have ordered from them before without a problem. If you are ordering just a few there should be no problem, but I wouldn’t buy just one or two from them……there are others you can go to for basic colors. They are good for special colors.

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  • Louis, Was visiting one of my favourite local Malls – went into our oldest Department Store – The Hudson’s Bay Company – and what do I see but an entire rack of Parkhurst pure wool Berets in a multitude of wonderful colours! The style was the classic Beret design and they were lovely!

  • I ordered one beret to check it out. Maybe I will find some French cowboys! Hope my husband doesn’t mind! Btw, I ordered 13 different items for my daughter. I want her to try your line. I was able to get the last Navy dress. You hit the target with that!! Congrats. I ordered a bunch for me and got the new sweater in wine! I didn’t like the first review that lady made. I will find out for myself. However, my first thought was, “Louis would not have selected that fabric if he thought that would be a
    problem.” Your shows were awesome, but I bet it was 2 long days for you and Jac. But you were great (thanks for showing us how to pack a sweater!) and Jac was beautiful and regal as always! Already pacing waiting for the jewelry show! Do you think the Q will post them a couple of days early?

    • Marla….I never know what the Q is doing! As for that review…..It should never have been posted. She obviously didn’t buy, and if she did….she couldn’t have received it that soon to make a review! Some people think very highly of themselves, and think they know everything about everything. It just shows how ignorant she is about fibers and different qualities.

  • Hi Louis. I ordered 2 of the new scoop neck midi dresses and two of the new swing sweaters. The only problem I am having since last year is with QVC’s sizing. I usually wear an xs in your tops except the swing sweaters. Last year I had to return the sweaters because the xs was to large. I know you don’t like advising on sizing but I’m really questioning what I ordered. I am 5’3, 106 lbs, 34D. In the new scoop dress, do I order an xxs or xs? I didn’t order the petite. I always prefer the regular and shorten if I have to. Like Jac, I take the size 6 in your trench coats (I own three) georgious. Everyone should have at least two. Hope you had an easy ride home. Stay well and enjoy your weekend.

  • Years ago I bought three berets (we called them “Tams”) from Bloomingdale’s … beige, grey and brown. I wore the beige to work one morning … it was raining cats and dogs. I left my hair in rollers under it.

    When I got to work I ran into the ladies room, took out my rollers, placed them inside the beret, then went into the stall. When I came out my rollers were there, but the beret was gone!

    Haven’t been able to find another in the color beige, either … LOL.

  • Amazon has many sellers of quality berets. Like ebay, Amazon will stand up for you if you ever have seller disputes. The prices are really good, too.

  • Thank you for the information. I love hats, but I live in cowboy country in nw Oklahoma. But I can dream!

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