……………………..A298447, is the new PETITE SLIM LEG pant. It is still avail. in the……BLACK………STEEL GREY………..and BLACKBERRY, almost in all sizes. The regular length version of this pant is almost sold out. I was surprised to see the petite still avail. since my petite customers are always requesting a petite length. I would appreciate some feed back from my petite customers who have purchased the pant…..I want to make sure I’m meeting your needs as we have many petite bottoms planned for the future…………….thanks………………Louis

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  • No one makes more flattering pants than you do. I am 5’2″ and the petite inseam version works perfect for me. I love the richness of the Blackberry and will go well with the matching turtleneck sweater. The 27″ inseam in these works perfectly with flats.

  • Louis, I just got my pants yesterday. I ordered the blackberry, size 8 Regular length. I LOVE them the best of any of your pants I have purchased so far! I love the super ponte! I am 5′ 5″ tall. I could wear these with heels, but I’m wearing them with flat shoes today. They still look very nice, and not too long. I am wearing the Violet Haze top and the black whisperknit poncho (because it’s cool in my office.) Now I have to stalk QVC for black and grey…

  • I received the blackberry petite & they come down slightly below my ankles. The measured inseam is 27”. I’m 5’2” on a good day. LOL I am awaiting the 10 because the size 12 waist was a little loose. The 27” length works for me.

    • Chris…..if it came slightly below your ankle I would guess the 28″ would work too, and 29 for a boot cut or wider leg……yes?

      • Louis,

        Years ago I used to be a 30″ inseam (Levis jeans). 28″ would work for me. I am long waisted & long legged. 29″ is pushing it and would need on me about an inch off for alteration.

  • Dear Louis,

    I just received my slim pants and they miraculously fit! Ordered up a size to a 14. The black pair is longer than the grey or blackberry and cover my ankle with a bit of a break on my foot, so I can’t imagine these are 30 inches–they fit more like a 31-32 inseam. The grey and blackberry fall just at the ankle and with ballet flats look just fine. I am the same height as Jac, but I must have shorter legs. I think other talls may want to give these a try, if sizes pop up again in the black. So happy these fit and I won’t need to return them!

    • Grace, can you please measure the inseams of the three pants and let me know.

      • Louis, the grey and blackberry pants are both 30 inches and the black is 30 3/4.

        • Thanks for the info….I always find these differences interesting because they are all cut from one pattern????It could happen in the sewing where an operator pulls on the seam a little too much when sewing and it can also happen in the pressing, but as I said there is only one pattern.

          • Well, I’m grateful for whatever happened with my black pair–I got lucky! It’s only 3/4s of an inch, but it sure makes a difference. Looks like a 30-31 in a slim leg is a workable length for me. .

  • My petite pants just arrived and the length is perfect! I am 5′-4″ and ordered P6 in the Grey, Blackberry and 2 Blacks. The inseam is 27″, but the length seems longer…maybe the rise is longer. Perfect in every way for me!!!!!

  • I purchased the pant in the regular length size, normally I order the petite version if it is offered. My inseam is 28” so 27” is one inch too short for me. However, I love the fit of these pants so much that I am temped to order the petite version to see how they look on me. I ordered the blackberry and I love this color in a pant as much as I do my tops I have in blackberry. I hope these are reordered, I’d love to have many more pairs. Thanks so much for all you do!

    • Dear Beth if you wear flats or 1″ heels the 27″ should work……especially in the black with the new Trouser socks coming [actually a reorder]in black lace.

      • Hi Louis I ordered the black and the blackberry pant A298447 in the P12 I am 5’2″ they come to just below my ankle and are 27 inseam just right for me as I wear flats with them They are a beautiful pant ,look sharp and very comfortable. Thank you

  • I received my pants yesterday. If you recall, I sized up from the 2 previous Super Ponte pants. The size was perfect and the length will work well with flat shoes. I do prefer a 28” length,but I will only buy pants that don’t have to be hemmed. I am looking forward to the Super Ponte bootcut. Any idea of the petite length in those?

  • I am 5′ 3 3/4″. I purchased the 30″ but have not received them yet. I knew the petite with a 27″ inseam would be much too short as the 28″ inseam of the Linea Leisure pants is actually short for me. My preferred inseam is 29″ though 30″ can work too.

  • Hi Louis,

    I too needed a 28 inch inseam and when I tried to order the regular length that morning they were gone in my size. I have seen any clothing move so fast in a while. It was crazy.

    I hope you, Jac, and the girls are doing well.

    God bless,

  • I purchased all 3 colors in regular. If petite inseam had been 28″ I would have ordered the petite pants. 27″ is too short for me. I will have the regular pants hemmed. The super ponte is great – Newfie and Gt. Pyr fur doesn’t cling to it.

  • Hi Louis, You’ll be happy to know that there’s no complaints from me about the length of these new pants. Just received mine in the regular length, plus size in blackberry and the steel grey. I am 5’9″ and the length is perfect — actually below my ankle bone and with a slight “break.” Very nice fabric and colors.

  • Louis, four of the petite ladies who have commented so far said they buy regular length when the inseam is 30″, as I suggested in my previous post. This is why regular is sold out and why the petites are not selling out. Even if a pant is slim, QVC should offer regular size in at least 32″ and a corresponding length for petite ladies. I have a feeling that many blackberry regular sizes will be returned because people like me want a blackberry pant so badly that we ordered the 30″ in case it will stretch. It probably won’t so I and others will be returning those blackberry pants. Sad.

    • Not to me. I’m 5’6″, and in a slim leg pant in this material, 30″ was exactly what I wanted, NOT 32″ which in every online catalog company is considered a tall. If you tall ladies are sending your regs back, I’ll be a happy camper, because I was totally shut out of the 2 pair I wanted because of all the petites, I presume, who weren’t happy with THEIR length. And I’m sure I’m not the only average height customer who feels the same.

  • Louis .. I am glad you brought this up … I only buy your petites because 32” is too long for me … I am normally an XXS or 2… so if it’s a 32” inseam, I have been ordering petite up on size… ie. XSP or 4 P… that works ok but a 30” inseam in the Regular length hopefully will be perfect… I will see when they arrive … and I will come here to give you feedback … Thank you for caring as usual :))) Lacylass

  • I usually buy a petite size in pants. My preferred length is 28 1/2 or 29. Last years pants were too short in the petite. I got them in the regular and the length was a little longer than usual but worked well with most shoes. Your current pant looked a little longer and slimmer on the models. I ordered the petite and went up a size. I haven’t received them yet, but I hope the new size and length works out. I will let you know. But there is no doubt that the 28” will be a better length for me than the 27”.

  • Hi Louis
    For your super ponte straight leg pants from last winter that length was Petite 27 and Regular 30. I purchased both lengths. I am approximately 5’3″. I wear the petite length mostly with my Fly London shoes or flat boots. I wear regular length with heels or high heeled boots. As I did not purchase prior to show I have purchased the new pants in steel gray and blackberry in petite that will be delivered tomorrow. I am on waitlist for the slim ankle pants in steel gray and blackberry in regular length. I am sure I will love the pants as I adore your Linea slim ankle pants in your other fabric. I own multiples of all colors. Those pants are 28″ in length so I can wear with heels as well as flats.

    In your new super ponte slim ankle pants I need the longer 30″ length to wear with several Armani patterned suit jackets for my professional life with heels that will match perfectly. The petite version will be worn with my Linea swing sweaters and Linea turtlenecks. Your ponte pants wear like iron and are so slimming. I love no pockets!

  • Louis- I am expecting to receive my petite pants later this week. They just shipped yesterday although I ordered prior to your show. Love SP, need petite. Will let you know about the sizing. Thanks!

  • Deborah (a.k.a. Diamondscribe)

    Louis, my petite pants are in shipping. I ordered 2. I plan on picking up the black later. I’m wondering if some of the petites are like me and getting only one or two until they check the fit? The top construction is like A265615, right? But, A265615 is in alpha sizes (L, XL, etc.) while the new petites in the super ponte is numerical. The regular super ponte with the wider leg is in numerical. But, since the pant leg (32″) is quite long for a petite, many petite LL may not have ordered that style to be familiar with how the numerical size translates for them. They could be doing a trial run (ordering just one) in order to know the right size before jumping in for more. I am.

    • Dear Deborah….that you for getting back to me. Your explanation makes perfect sense. I hadn’t realized that one pant was numerical and one x,l,m. I have no idea why they did that. I know QVC has said they get fewer returns with the numerical sizing once the customer finds her correct size…..anyway that’s what I’ve been told. They have no reason to say otherwise if that’s their finding. I will be interested to hear your comments once the pants arrive. It’s always a discussion on the inseam whether it should be 27″ or 28″ for a slim pant petite. At the fitting everyone preferred 27″…..majority rules. I really had no preference since I don’t sell that many petites. I left it up to the women to make that call.

      • Louis, I always have ordered petite until your last super Ponte pant in brown and black. I got the petite (2 in black) but they were shorter than normal. I kept them but ordered 1 more in the regular length and they fit perfect in the 30 length. This time I ordered all 3 of the regular length and should get them late today or tomorrow. I am one that needs the 28 length but with all the shoe boots I am able to handle the 29 0r 30 length with boots on. I can never handle more than that. I buy every petite in every color you put out and usually 2 in black. Thank you so much for designing such beautiful clothes for us at reasonable prices.

  • Louis, it’s quite frustrating as a tall person for QVC to offer a less than 32″ inseam in a regular slim pant when petites are also offered. My hunch is that some petite women are buying the regular size. So tall women are left out.

    • That may be but petites inseams are usually 27″ to 28″. If they are buying a 30 ” they don’t have petite inseams.

    • Maia, I agree, tall women are left out, even though QVC does offer tall options in other lines. That 32-inch inseam works for most of us who are tall (like the super ponte modified boot) and some shorter women even buy the 32-inch inseam and shorten them. Wish we had a hem to lengthen!

      • Me too Grace and Maia!

        • Same here. Apparently, most petites are NOT buying the petite length based on the inseam of 27″ /28″. QVC needs to acknowledge this and get it together so customers who want to spend their money can. I’ve never seen a company NOT bring in enough garments, NOT offer the lengths needed and NOT listen to those who have the money to spend….it defies logic. Louis, your clothes are fantastic. I sincerely don’t understand QVC’s issues when it comes to your products.

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