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As many of you know the Super Ponte Boot Cut pant is now going to be avail in a petite length starting the beginning of next year. I know you all want to know what the inseam will be….. The regular length will remain with a 32″ inseam and the petite will be 29″……..QVC does a 3″ grade. That is “their” standard formula…..A boot cut pant should always be longer than a straight leg or slim leg pant, so I think this will work for most. Sorry to my super tall ladies, but “they” don’t buy Talls from me, so 32 is the best I can do…………..enjoy……much Love…….Louis

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  • Thank you so much for offering your pants in petite inseams. They are a staple in my wardrobe and are so flattering. I’m 5’2″ and I prefer the 29″ inseam for the boot cut-style pants. I am looking forward to the release of your ponte boot cut pant in the petite sizes. I love the new slim leg ponte pants that were just released. They are perfect! Please make these in more colors.

  • Louis, I am grateful that you could persuade the buyers to offer the 29″ inseam. I did purchase a couple pairs in the 32″ inseam and had 2″ removed but felt I was removing the baby boot cut. This will now be the perfect casual pant for me during the fall and winter months. I like that it is smooth (without zipper and fly) in front so I can wear any type fabric top. I am so looking forward to stocking up on these!!! Thanks so much.

  • Deborah (a.k.a. Diamondscribe)

    Louis, my petite pants arrived yesterday. I tried them on this morning and I’m glad I waited before ordering more. I had the two colors in the next size down on check status which I promptly paid for to put them “in process”. I know check status isn’t nice, but there isn’t always enough stock in the plus end of the size range to gamble with a later order to adjust sizes. When I get those 2 and confirm the fit, I will order more. I plan to keep the two I just received. They’re rather “relaxed” in fit, but will still work for casual wear. I’m so glad to get black super ponte petites because my Roma Ponte ones are way too big now – yet I haven’t lost enough in shoulders and top to not have the matching jacket fit, LOL. With these super ponte ones, I now am back to having a full suit. As to length…the 27″ on these works. I think because the leg is widened a bit on this style that the 27″ rides a little longer, especially since my legs are thinner than Q’s plus fit standards. I think if it were a slim pant leg, I’d prefer the 28″. I will leave a 5-star review online. These pants are great!!!

  • Dear Louis,

    Good to hear! I’m also very satisfied with a 32-inch inseam–that boot cut pant is perfect–as I wear ballet flats, loafers and chelsea boots with them. So relieved to hear that length will continue for my favorite pant. Thank you!

  • Holding out for the super ponte petite length boot cut pant, as boot cut and straight leg silhouettes work best for me. 29 inches seems long, as my heel-wearing days are behind me, but I am hopeful and will give them a try.
    Colors? Please say that black is one!

  • Louis, this sounds like the best solution the standards allow. Thank you for caring about these details. I’m 5’7″ but I order the petites to have a shorter stride as I am low-wasted and have short legs. I can wear the 27″ petite if I wear sandals or ballet flats, which is most the time in Florida. But, if the length is 28″ I can also wear a loafer with a stacked heel or low-heeled shooties come Fall/Winter. I have to hem up 4-5″ on the wider leg ponte with the 32″ that is so popular. That is why I sent back the burnt umber in those when it first came available. I wanted it to go with my burnt umber whisper knit tops. But, alteration professionals are hard to find and rather costly in our area. Maybe that’s due to the resort lifestyle here, LOL. It adds up when one has to pay $25 to hem a $50 pant. I also like the slightly shorter rise (@ 1″less total for front and back?). That is probably another reason why I go with petites even though I’m tall. I don’t carry my size in the hips, tush or thighs of the pant, so the stride tends to be low on a regular fit. That inch less in the rise means I don’t have to roll the waistband or have it reset and the hips taken in which I do with regular pants. That’s another cost on top of the hemming, so I can get close to doubling the price of a regular pant to get it to fit its best. Not that I don’t do that. Your pants are worth it. I just have to be very selective in ordering Regulars…i.e. it is so critical that I have it in my wardrobe that I’m willing to invest the extra.

  • Louis, so glad your bootcut regular inseam won’t be shortened! I have most of your colors in that style and I’m happy I’ll be able to continue to buy them! Thank you.

  • Perfect! Can’t wait.

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