To all of my Dear Friends,

It’s been 17 years since most of us have met, almost 18 this May, so calling you Dear Friend seems so right to me……..On this Thanksgiving Day I want to wish you all the best. Health and the LOVE to  the ones who are dearest to you. We celebrate on this one day, but the sentiment is one to keep in our hearts every day…………………..all our Love………….Louis and Jac

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  • Yes, I consider you and Jac dear friends also. I spent the day in my new wine outfit, head to toe. Felt comfortable and warm. I have nicer clothes now than I ever did in my working years. (I am 73 now). Thank you very much for your being part of my life every day. I shall mention from the other blog, I connected with another Linea Lady who lives near me, and we have become dear friends. We love to go to movies and do lunch and talk about our recent Linea purchases. So you can’t begin to know how your influence has spread around this great country. Thank you.

    • Dear Karen, that is so wonderful to hear. I am so happy that I have been able to help all of you in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It’s all about family and friends anyway…Thank you for letting me know.

  • Dear Louis and Jac,

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I did not think that it was at all possible to treasure and appreciate my Linea Collection any more than I already do – but – I was WRONG!

    Exactly 6 weeks ago I broke my wrist (dominant hand). Suddenly, the simplest of daily tasks such as getting dressed every morning became NOT so very simple at all!W

    Linea to the rescue! Thank goodness for my Crepe Gauze Tunics, Gauchos; Wide Leg Pants – OH how I love my Whisper Knit Tanks with side slits & the Long Open Front Cardigan with 3/4 Sleeves, my Whisper Knit Pants and Midi Skirts – and my Boho Skirts (floral and solids). Linea makes the morning challenge so much easier.

    From now on any time I ask myself this question – Do I really need this Linea Item in another colour – without hesitation my answer will be YES!

    My cast was removed 2 days ago and now the focus is physiotherapy – several weeks to go.

    Thank you Louis and Jac.

  • I am writing this while on our way home to Wisconsin after a week of travel to Georgia for Thanksgiving. My suitcase was full of Linea clothes and jewelry that were perfect for all occasions. I did not have to iron anything -yippy! I could have sold my Linea colored pearls many times over! And, ladies were envious that I had such nice outfits without having to get in the car and go from store to store to put it all together. And yes, they noticed the fabrics because they would touch my sleeves saying, “oh this is nice”. They could not believe I found a coat, turtleneck and pants all the same color and the car never left the garage. I joked that I usually shop in my PJ’s with a glass of wine with the cat watching over my shoulder. Does it get better than that? I know you love designing your collections as much as I love wearing them. Win, win for everyone. I am ready for your next show and VERY ready for new items. I wish you and Jac a Merry Christmas and good health always.

  • It’s very difficult to add to all the eloquent messages. Just let me say, getting to know you and Jac via blog and TV presentations has been one of the highlights of my life. The kindness and knowledge you demonstrate to us is only matched by the exquisite skillfulness in the design, tailoring and fabrications of the fabulous Linea line.
    Best wishes to both of you for a lovely, peaceful Holiday Season

  • So I’m reading this upbeat series of appreciative comments in my smoke swing turtleneck top along with the perfectly matching super ponte bootcut pant in smoke I just finished shortening, along with my pink removable pendant necklace and matching pink earrings and looking smashing for the day after Thanksgiving as we Linea Ladies are allowed to admit to one another here. And thinking. I feel just like Deborah. So many “occassions” over the years when Linea helped me shine, or feel better when grieving, or when Linea elevated an already happy event and added to my confidence . How could you not feel grateful for that??? Thank you for the timeless chic designs in lush colors with matching pieces over the years. I fall in love with Linea over and over again. Like whenever I’m accidentally caught by a mirror somewhere. Or when I pull a flawlessly NONwrinkled WK piece out of the dryer…Thank you for all the advice you have so generously shared with us on this blog and Happiest of Holidays to you and Jac!

  • I have been searching for YEARS for what you bring to us via Linea; I wish I had known about this line sooner. So classic, quietly elegant and appearing to be tailor made to each woman who wears your line, THIS is true fashion. Everyone else has said it so well….. I’ll just say Thank You. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jac.

  • Dear Louis and Jac,
    Add me to the list of grateful friends and admirers—for all you do and all you are—-your talent, integrity, and everything you do for us, your Linea ladies. Wishing you health and happiness in this holiday season and in the new year.


  • May I add to the long list of admirers that I am thankful and feel special to be able to communicate so closely with such a talented designer. Your attention to classic yet chic collections have filled my closets for years and hopefully will for many come. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Dear Louis,
    I feel that anything I might say after Deborah’s eloquent tribute would be a letdown. She expressed beautifully what so many of us feel! So I’ll just say thanks for all you do, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jac, and “the girls.”

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you and Jac! So grateful for all you both do to help us feel and look beautiful 🙂

  • Susan (aka Carlytwila)

    Best wishes to you and Jac for a happy, joyful Thanksgiving! I am so grateful to have you as my designer! Over the years I have purged my closet of all other brands except my jeans! I am also grateful for the Linea Ladies, and all their thoughtful questions and ideas. Thank you for working so hard to write this blog! I am en route to dinner in my new wk dress, matching leather jacket, and green patina jewelry. I found a pair of aubergine tights from a couple years back and they are a match to the dress!

  • Deborah (a.k.a. Diamondscribe)

    Dear Louis and Jac,I’m joining the others in expressing my thanks on this day of giving thanks. May you have a delightful holiday. I am so grateful that we were introduced 15 years ago. Now, not a day goes by that I don’t have Linea in my day. Today I’m wearing my new super ponte slim petite pants in blackberry with the gray faux Shetland sweater. As I walked out of my bedroom this morning my sister said “Wow. Those pants look like they were custom made for you.” As I was unpacking my sweaters from my cedar chest yesterday, I was remembering each year I got them like I was greeting old friends. I hugged my favorite, A84808,and was struck again by its beauty. I have that in the lovely holiday green. I hung my suede jacket, A8342 – yes, only 4 digits in the number – and remembered occasions where I wore it. Your clothes are truly designed for living. And, I am grateful that in an age where more and more steer toward disposable fashion, you continue to provide us quality classics. I am so thankful that I have you as my designer and am so appreciative of the hard work you and Jac pour into bringing us such beautiful treasures. Thank you for listening to your Linea Ladies and going to battle for us when we express a need. I thank you the attention to detail you’ve exemplified year after year. I’m grateful for your mastery that takes trends and presents them in a tasteful, functional, classic way that will go on years after the trend falls off. And, I thank you for the extra effort you put into this blog where we can express our delight over each item and new ways to put them together…without trolls jumping in to disparage that “they’re just clothes and it’s all about money”…because we Linea Ladies know it isn’t. We know that money has little to do with it – that you and Jac care about each piece you create and bring to us. And, I’m sure the others feel the same way when I write I am truly, truly thankful that you and Jac are in my life.

  • Louis and Jac I have three things to be thankful for You of course ,Hubby and health. Have a wonderful Day!

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all! Tell Jac, I made her cranberry sauce, and Thanks for sharing her recipe! My Thanksgiving outfit will be Paradise Red…

  • Dear Louis,
    I first posted in the “Ask” area but it seems appropriate to post it here in response to your Thanksgiving Day greetings.
    Thank you for all the lovely clothes you design and create in such beautiful fabrics and colors. Then, of course, the fact that they fit like a dream brings them into the realm of perfection and you into the status of genius!
    I hope you and Jac have a wonderful day.
    Best regards, Ruth

  • Dear Jac and Louis,
    Best wishes to you. I’m decked out in Linea to celebrate with my husband, children and grandchildren. Even at my advanced age I still love clothes and jewelry.

  • DEAR Louis and Jac,

    Same heartfelt sentiments to you!
    Heading ” over the river and through the woods….” to spend Thanksgiving with my family….dressed in Linea, of course.

    Best wishes, Elaine

  • Dear Louis and Jac,

    Thank you for your thoughtful Thanksgiving greetings. Among the many things I am grateful for is the opportunity to have gotten to know you, Jac and your work through QVC and, most especially, on your personal blog. Please know that your fashions and jewelry are so deeply appreciated not only by me but also by others who value a real designer’s talent, quality, a polished look and THE BEST COLORS out there. As I’ve written before, who knew I’d be conferring with you about fashion at this point in my life! Blessings to you!

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