Thank you

Dear Friends…………..I wanted you to know that Jac and I have so enjoyed and appreciated all of your kind words. If we have been able to bring each of you a little happiness and joy that means more to us than anything. A dear cousin of ours has a wonderful expression……”what’s a hug and a kiss”…………it takes very little to be kind and caring……after all isn’t that what life is all about. Again, thank you for caring about Jac and I………………………..much Love……………………Louis and Jac

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  • I’ve only been shopping Linea for 10 years, but it has changed my life. You make clothing that 50, 60, 70, 80 year olds can wear and look fashionable. Not that younger women can’t wear them just as beautifully, but young women have lots of fashion choices. Your cut is perfect for my proportions. I know there is no occasion that can’t be met with a Linea wardrobe. Thank you for not bringing ripped butt jeans, tops that look like bras and special occasion garments that allow me to wear a real bra underneath. And most of all for Linea body since bare legs are not a real option for me. Jac, of course, gives us inspiration, too. Since she and I are the same age, I’m sure she won’t be offended by my saying that a mature woman model lets see me how Linea works for me. You are on the front lines of showing that age is a reason for giving up and going frumpy, baggy or cheap. Speaking of cheap, I am frugal, and once again it’s Linea that makes fashion affordable. My first Linea purchase was pants. Beautifully tailored woven pants. The fit sealed the deal for me. Anyone can make stretch pants that fit, but woven pants, not so much. I bless the day I discovered you.


  • My husband said we are going to have to add a room for Louis. I wasn’t sure it he meant you and Jac or your designs! Either way it sounds good to me, We feel that you are part of our family. My father owned a large clothing factory in Philadelphia up until the 90’s. He specialized in knits and would have loved the quality of your garments. You make all of our lives so much easier because we know that we will always have beautiful clothes. I hope you and Jac have a wonderful holiday season!

  • Louis, you and your wife seem so kind and real to me, even though we have never met! It has only been 5 years since I was introduced to your clothing and it has taken me through the happiest of times. As I prepare to take my 17 yo son to two different concussion clinics (one in Toronto and one in Denver), I am already prepared for the different conditions with my Linea to take me though his 2-1/2 months of treatment. Yes, it is not the best of times, but there is so much to be thankful for. I have kept Jac’s health in my prayers and yours too! Much love, Karen.

    • Dear Karen…..Our prayers are with you, you’re family and especially your son. 2 1/2 months of treatment is very hard…..God Bless

    • Karen in WI – Toronto is my home. If I can be of any assistance please let me know. My very best wishes to you and your son.

      • Thank You! The clinic is actually in Guelph. My husband usually drives us out of the busy airports, but I shall have to this time. I don’t get much big city traffic practice here in the country!

        Linea ladies are the best!

        • Karen – my best friend since public school now lives in Guelph. It is not a complicated drive – but takes a very good hour – more if it’s rush hour. The airport is in the west end of the city – and Guelph is further west (and then north). The major Highway 401 West towards Guelph is close by so you won’t have very much big city driving.
          Just an FYI – from the 401 West I take Guelph Line North when I visit my friend – if your directions to your destination include Guelph Line North – this is a very rural two lane road with no street lights and it gets dark here now at 5:00 p.m.

          My suggestion would be to google the directions from home and write them down so you’re somewhat familiar with them.

  • Louis,
    You know we all love you and Jac and are grateful for your wonderful designs and the way you make yourself available to us.

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