…………………..For my last post before I leave for QVC……I wanted to Thank EACH and EVERYONE of you for all the kindness and love you have shared with Jac and I over the years. It has never gone unnoticed or unappreciated. We just hoped that you knew the love you showed us we sent right back to you ten fold. I will never forget when we lost so many Christmas ornaments and a group of you sent us a huge box filled with new and very special ornaments….each with a meaning and a message. We were so touched by your generosity of heart The photo above is of Jac sending her love and thanks to all of you, and I know she is sending it right now for lifting me up when I need it most. It is a very special picture for me, because it will always remind me how truly wonderful all of you are. The posts and the cards and the poems that have been sent to me since my Angel has passed have helped me beyond words. How can I ever express what it has meant to me during the worst time of my life…It seems appropriate that it would snow today and everything is pure white. Jac and I always seemed to travel to QVC when it snowed. We would always say….”well we are off on a new adventure”……………all I can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my Heart…………………all my love………………………..Louis

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  • Sharon Santourian Holman

    Dear Louis,
    Your tribute truly showed it came from your heart, how much you loved Jac and how friends have rallied around you. We all wanted to give you a big hug, we are all here for you and we could see what kind of wonderful woman Jac was. Long LONG ago, I had a white Ann Klein blazer, I adored it. My then husband, did the laundry and, yes, he WASHED and destroyed that jacket. When your jacket aired, I’m like oh my gosh….there’s my jacket! I’m retired, why do I need another jacket? Well…..when you said Jac designed it, that’s all I needed. It was meant to be. Now I’m proud to share a special part of Jac that I shall have forever and wear lovingly.

    Love, Sharon

  • Mr. Dell’Olio,

    Your show was wonderful as always. May God sends his angles to envelope you with their wings to bless you. Please read this poem and may it give you peace and comfort. May God shine his blessing on you.

    To Those I Love And Those Who Love Me

    When I am gone, release me. Let me go
    I have so many things to see and do.
    You mustn’t tie yourself to me with tears, Be
    happy, we had so many years.

    I gave you my love and you can only guess
    How much you gave to me in happiness.
    I thank you for the love you each have shown
    But now it’s time I traveled alone.

    So grieve a while for me if grieve you must
    Then let your grief be comforted by trust.
    It’s only for a while that we must part
    So bless those memories in your heart.

    I won’t be far away for life goes on
    So if you need me , call and I will come.
    Though you can’t see or touch me, I’ll be near
    with all my love around you soft and clear.

    And then, when you must come this way alone,
    I’ll greet you with a smile and “Welcome You

    Author: Unknown

  • Louis,
    It was a beautiful show. We all thought always of lovely Jac but you were brave and good. You designs in this show were superb.

    We will never stop missing Jac ever.



  • My Dear Friend,

    I could only manage to stay up the first hour of your show, and wept with you when Jac’s blazer aired. I am so very glad you were not alone with only your thoughts while driving yesterday and today. Travel safely.

  • Such a wonderful tribute to Jac! She smiles down upon you everyday. The show was fabulous & Jac was missed by all.

    Jayne was the right host for your first show back.

  • Dear Louis,
    Your tribute was fabulous, your collection divine.
    You couldn’t have been more eloquent expressing “your promises to keep….”.

  • Dear Louis,

    Like many others, I cried when I saw you and heard your beautiful words about Jac. I imagined her in each of your lovely designs. You are a very special and kind person, Louis. I look forward to wearing every Linea item I own and to continue adding to my collection. Bless you, Louis.



  • Dear Louis,
    How saddened I was to hear of Jac Passing. What a joy it has been over many many years to see the both of you together on the Q. What a classy Lady and a beautiful model and you sir are remarkable. Thank you for using your gift of design to help us look as ladies should in our attire. Please know my prayers are with you. May the Lord of all comfort strengthen and sustain you in the days weeks and months to come.

  • You were magnificent. I know Jac is so proud.

  • BRAVO LOUIS! Love and prayers to you always from Pamela in the sunny south.

  • Dear Louis,
    I watched your show.You were awesome!! Jac must have been so proud!! Your tribute to Jac throughout the show was touching.Your love for her is just awesome. Also touching was the way you referred to your Linea ladies.I’m so glad that you have allowed us into your heart to love & support you. We have never met yet I feel like we’re friends!! Thank you for setting an example for all of us on how to handle grief.You did it with love, gratitude & a lot of class!!
    Yes,you kept your promise to Jac. And you have many miles to go before you sleep!! And your precious Jac will be right there with you!! 💐

  • well i am watching your show – for the 2nd time! – repeating on Q2. we were all circled around you from all across the country – to be with you and to remember Jac. of course i had to have THE jacket in both colors with slacks to match for that very reason. i must say i marvel at all the new offerings and how your creative energy saw you through a difficult time. i hope the presentation was easier than you thought it might be, that you felt the love – and that you realize how we love you and your beautiful clothes. onward — together.

  • Louis, I was up watching your show on QVC tonight and I just learned of your dear wife’s passing. Jac was a beautiful woman with a real presence. I will miss seeing her accompany you on your shows. I know she will continue being your muse from above. It will be difficult, Louis but one step at a time moving forward is the best way to honor her. Hugs to you!!

  • Dear Louis —

    Just finished watching the 1:00 – 3:00 am show and my heart is full of love and admiration for you and Jac. You did great! I know the show must have been terribly difficult without your dear Jac. But please know that we appreciate your beautiful clothes and jewelry as well as your heartfelt presentation. I also appreciate your humor about doing the laundry — good to get in a laugh too!! You are a natural on the air. Many, many thanks!

    With much love,

  • Louis, you did beautifully this evening. It was soooooooo good to see you! The collection was fabulous, my credit card is worn out! Of course, my favorite is Jac’s blazer. Your opening statement was so emotional and difficult for you but you were so gracious, warm and loving. I was so pleased Jayne was with you. She was so kind and she seemed to help as did your models. I was so happy and so relived so see you surrounded by all that love and to be held so tightly within it. Answered prayers……….oxoxoxoxoxo Cat

  • Our dearest Louis…I did not know until this evening about your very sad loss. I’ve wondered where you have been and where Jac has been. I’ve always admired her grace, beauty and style and marveled at your interaction together. I am so so very sad to hear of her passing as all of your friends at QVC are. I have been a professional matchmaker for 29 years and cannot think of a better match than the two of you. I could not have done better myself.

    I cried throughout the show both for you and with you. This partner in life is a partner for life and although we can’t see her we all know that she is there with you all the time. You are in my thoughts and she would be so proud of your brave and beautiful show tonight.

  • you are very special as a person and designer.stay busy, you will always have reflect,
    family and friends will be your support. God bless.

  • Breathe…….Breathe…….Breathe……………oxoxoxox Cat

  • Louis, Just relax and see Jac’s face. She is there and this show will be pure love from her and your fans. Tears are not to be feared. They are proof you are human and are fortunate to feel love, loss and pain and joy. If you didn’t feel pain you wouldn’t know joy. It is the human journey. Peace and safe journey to you. I will be watching and buying.

  • May the love you shared continue to be a source of comfort and strength Louis. Your message of gratitude is that much more thoughtful as you take the time to thank your fans while you grieve for your soulmate. wishing you a wonderful first show this evening. I believe our hearts are all with you.

  • Dearest Louis, Walter and I will be watching in the wee hours, lending you love, hugs and support. You and Jac mean the world to us. So many times you have boosted my spirits and blessed me with the strength and confidence to carry on through the magic of your lovingly crafted clothing. Thank you; Angels will be with you tonight and always.

    Cathy & Walter in PA

  • I want to repeat what everyone said.. You are among friends (Kate). We are surrounding you in a bubble of love (Cat). We are all with you (Jane). See you later tonight. Starting the coffee now.

  • Dear Louis, A truly beautiful photo of Jac. What you two have is eternal love that will continue beyond this life. Your new designs are exquisite and a true credit to you both. Looking forward to your show and with everyone else I am sending love to you.

  • Whatever we have been able to give you and Jac over the many years, you have returned to us at least ten fold, Louis. Love never dies, and Jac’s love for you will surround you in these wee small hours coming up and always. There will be lots of love from behind the cameras as well as it will also come from all the models and those of us watching from home!

  • What a beautiful photo of Jac! May you have safe travels to QVC and back home again afterwards. Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well as your wonderful fashions with us because we truly care.

  • Thank you for sharing this beautiful and special picture with us. Jac is alive in our hearts, too. And she lives on in your wonderful designs that are crafted with so much love and care. I know she’s be sitting on your shoulder when you return to QVC and if you lose it during the show, know that you are among friends. Safe travels. Kate

  • Dear Louis,
    Thank you for all of the lovely photos of Jac, and for sharing your heartfelt emotions and eloquent words. Those of us who have lost a loved one are right there with you. As many have said, Jac is right there with you as well. She is cheering you on, as you continue the work you both love. Thank you for the incredible collection of new Linea items.
    Linda in AZ

  • This photo choked me up. It seems she is looking directly at me through the computer. The message in her eyes, face and hands are unmistakable. Calm. Loving. Thankful. Content. Kind. Gentle. Louis, thank you so much for sharing. It is by far my favorite photo.

  • Louis, I wish you all the best as you return to QVC. Your beautiful angel Jac will be giving you strength to get through the show. We are all so proud of you how you are carrying on through such an extremely hard time. You are brave and we will always be here for you.

  • God speed , Louis. Beautiful picture of Jac and gracious words from you. I am so glad we have been of some help. You are a very special man and stronger than you think. Your Angel will be with you tonight, lifting you up, giving you strength and we will be there too ,sending our support. What a fabulous collection and such variety, you are amazing. I am so glad that you are not traveling alone, safe travels to you and Aaron, hoping the snow will make it feel a little more familiar. Sending lots of love, strength and hugs.

  • Dear Louis, this is my favorite of all of the pictures you’ve posted of Jac! Her pose, in addition to the blue of her sweater, give a truly angelic impression, and I think that is what Jac is now – your angel. I’ve read through the other replies on this thread, and I’m struck once again by the great love expressed here. I hope that when you are feeling lonely you will read these replies again and feel that love. We may all be separated by the miles, but everyone here is with you spiritually, holding you up. Like so many, I am sending prayers for strength that you might get through this difficult first show. And may I add that I’m absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the fashions and jewelry you are offering. How you managed to go through the steps necessary to bring these to completion while worrying about Jac’s health is beyond me. You are truly an extraordinary man. Much love goes with you tonight!

  • Louis

    Thank you for this lovely post. I know that Jac will be by your side during the show. I hope that you will also feel the love and support of all the Linea ladies. We are here for you.

    Safe travels.


  • Beautiful photo of a truly beautiful lady…Your Angel Jac is always with you. Love to you and safe travels, Louis.

  • Dear Louis,

    I have really loved that you and Jac opened up your lives to us. It is such a precious gift. I just arrived in Spain and saw your post. I know how hard this time is for you. My thoughts are with you. Know that we are all there for you. Enjoy your evening with the girls. Share some laughter and I am sure some tears. I will be watching the show from a far but I hope you know that we are all there in spirit with you. Jac will be looking down with pride and love.

    Your Travelling Lady

  • What a beautiful picture. As a very new linea lady I never had the opportunity to meet your lovely angel. But the love that is conveyed from this forum is something that I have never seen before. Your darling Jac was right, keep a routine and work. I believe Jac knew that you need us and we need you! I also believe she knows your in good hands wth the Linea ladies. We all realize how difficult this has been for you and how much work these sneak peaks are . Thank you for pushing through your grief ❤️ Safe travels . Heaven and earth will be watching tonight. peace , Nancy

  • And a huge thank you back to you for your kindness, caring nature to all of us.
    Jac radiates warmth and love in this photo, it’s so special.
    Have safe travels, feel comfort in Kate’s get together this evening.
    Jac will help lift you in presenting this amazing collection.
    We have you in our prayers.

  • unpeudemoi, aka Patricia

    Dear Louis, How very thoughtful of you to once again share a photo of your serene angelic Jac. She does, indeed, glow with warmth and gratitude. I noticed she’s wearing a flattering shade of blue rather than her much loved black. Seeing her in color must be very pleasing to you. Many are routing for you on tonights presentaion, the good and loving energy from all portals will be palpable. Much love back to you,God bless you, stay safe on your round trip these next few days.
    To quote the two of you ”well we are off on a new adventure”.

  • Dear Louis,

    I know that Jac will be with you in spirit as you return to QVC. We will be with you virtually, sending our love and support. Bless you, Louis.



  • Godspeed, Louis. Your angel is the most exquisitely dressed spirit in the sky, and she is watching over you and guiding you.

    Be safe.

  • Others have said all the beautiful words about you and Jac. I just want to send my love and tell you I’ll be watching. Your new collection is breath taking.

  • What a perfectly divine photo of your beautiful Jac. Talk about a picture being worth a thousand words!!! Thanks for sharing it–and her–with us. We will be with you every moment of your journey and thanks too for such a fabulous new collection!

  • Louis, lots of love and prayers from your Linea Ladies will be going with you as you travel. We’ll all be lifting you up for the show.

  • Louis, you have been working very hard! I’m sure Jac is smiling down at you. You are a very strong man and an inspiration.

    There are so many beautiful, new things, I’m not sure how I can pare my wants down to a few new pieces. Blessings and prayers for your trip to QVC. Know that we will all be sending you our love!

  • Dear Louis, Thank you for posting this lovely photo of Jac. She is so beautiful and her inner beauty shines forth wonderfully in this photo. Wishing you all the best on your journey and throughout the evening.

  • Dear Louis, We will all be there, along with Jac, holding you up in love and prayers. We are with you. God is with you. Much love.

  • Dear Louis, Thank you for posting this picture of Jac.It made me cry!! I’m so glad that your Linea ladies were able to bring you a measure of comfort.We truly loved Jac & care deeply for you.
    I’ll be watching at 1:00am sending you love & strength. Jac will be there too, right next to you,lifting you up.Lean on her & lean on us.We will all get through it together!!

  • Dear Louis,
    Jac was an Angel here on Earth – and is now an Angel in Heaven watching over you.
    I will be watching your Show early tomorrow morning.

    • Seka, you are so right…..Jac was an Angel here on earth. Heaven is more beautiful for having her…..we always gave each other cards, and more then once I wrote “to my little Angle”. She laughed and laughed.

  • Beautiful picture and beautiful words — thank you, Louis. Special prayers that you will have a safe trip. We are all with you.

  • When I saw that picture, I got chills. Not only do I see Jac’s beauty in that pic, but I see her sincere gratitude and her warmth. A lovely woman inside and out.

    Safe travels Louis.

  • Louis- This photo and your most humble words made me cry.
    You and Jac- two beautiful souls. You both continue to be blessings in our lives, truly.
    As if that is not enough: this new collection of clothes and jewelry- In a word: Inspired.
    You are indeed off on a very new yet familiar adventure today to QVC. All of your friends there, your Linea Ladies and your most special Angel Jac WILL be there with you, each of us in her own way lifting you up every minute.
    Your Sneak Peeks, photos and copy, more wonderful than ever. Your time and efforts to provide them are so gratefully appreciated. We would have understood if you did not feel up to doing them, but this is a big part of Louis and I hope it was helpful in getting you through the days. Thank you. See you soon!

    • I could not have said it better queen diva. Louis, you inspire us all with your love for Jac and your vulnerability in sharing your thoughts and feelings with all of us. Godspeed Louis!

  • Wishing you a safe journey and best wishes for the show. When you present the wonderful new collection and returning favorites tomorrow morning, know that we are with you, in the spirit of the Christmas ornaments, poems, cards, prayers, sending good thoughts to get you through.

  • What a beautiful serene picture of Jac on this snowy day. God Bless you Louis and safe travels. I will be taping your shows to watch later with hubby, he loves your designs as well and watches all your shows with me. The set will be very crowded with all of us standing with you.

  • Dear Louis,
    Your collection is fabulous! The choices of clothing and jewelry are staggering! But, most beautiful of all is this photo of your Angel Jac! You chose the perfect image of her to send you back to your Linea Ladies and QVC and the models and hosts who love you so much! I hope all our love wraps you and lifts you to be able to travel on to the next phase of your wonderful life. You certainly have proven that you do have the courage to continue, the vision to create, and the capability to find your way. You are remarkable sir!

  • What a beautiful picture of Jac! I hope you have a safe trip. We will be holding your hand!

  • Dear Louis, I am truly touched by this photo more than any. Jac is beautiful and beyond that the meaning behind. Although I have purchased Linea for the entire time you were there, I am not tech savvy and have limited time for social media, therefore, never realized there was an actual group of Linea Ladies. They seem special too and I hope to connect with them and become an “Official” LL. Part of a group to continue lifting each other and you! Love and prayers to you always. Pamela from the sunny south.

  • Louis, a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady. She’s praying for you, today that your journey is safe, especially with the snow. Jac will give you strength to get through your 1:00 AM show. Please feel and know all the love that we are sending you for tonight. We will be there to support you, wish you well, wipe away your tears and celebrate Jac who has impacted our lives with her beauty, kindness and friendship. We, all, will surround you in a bubble of love. Big hugs for you as well as lots of love! oxoxoxoxo Cat

  • Dear Louis,
    We thank you for all the love and support you and Jac always showed us.
    Thank you also for posting all the beautiful clothes you will be presenting tonight, it must have been a Herculean task to get through.
    Safe travels.
    Love and prayers, Elaine

  • Love to you, Louis. I too lost someone very special to me In December. I’ve been taking stock in the wonderful time we had together. Keep designing and sharing your talent. Your new collect made me smile… thank you

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