I have to do colors for next August and Sept….no rest for the weary! What colors would you all like to see for tops and bottoms and new sweaters?

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  • Charcoal or heather grey! Grey is my “black”! I adore mixing and matching with it.

  • I love that you do this. It is so generous of you. Sitting here under the grey Feb. sky, that is NOT a color I’m particularly longing for by this point in the winter. In fact, as I type this, I’m wearing a red&hot pink striped T neck under a hot pink quilted puffer vest with worn blue Levis, so clearly, I’ve reached my limit of neutrals, including black. However, I’ve noticed while rifling thru my sweater closet that I would really like to see something in a pale lavender or lilac in my stacks of WK swing T necks (my favorites), and also one in pale blue. Oh,and oatmeal. I have every darn color the ponte pants are available in, so have at. That’s it for me. Pale lavender, pale blue, and oatmeal. You’re a prince.

    • Dear April….I did Pale Lavender and Pale blue in the WK TN already

      • I know. I’d like to see those colors in the ENR swing T necks which for me is a totally different look, & my favorite. It’s hard to keep coming up with new shades when we already have so many!

  • unpeudemoi, aka Patricia

    Any shade of brown, from your recent dark chocolate, espresso,thru to beigey taupe and all the way to fawn. the combiantion of very light pink, midtone dove grey and milk chocolate is a favorite of mine. I’ve been inspired by an IRENE, Hollywood costume designer, dress worn by Esther Williams in the film “Neptunes Daughter”. The dress shows up approx. 40 minutes into the film when she and Ricardo Montelban introduce the now perennial tune “Baby Its Cold Outside”, stay with the film for 10-15 minutes more an other look at the dress on a nightclub dance floor. Esther portrays a swim wear designer.

  • I would love to have pale lavender and pale pearl grey in whisper knit swing top or side sit top with same color skirts. Also since I missed out on your Milano knit skirt in ivory I would love to see you bring that back! You are the best and I know I will love whatever you come up with. Take good care Louis.

    • Pool (the new color of the short sleeve Linea Leisure last week)
      Blackened Pink
      Blackened Lilac

      As always, thank you for asking! Much love

  • Susan (aka Carlytwila)

    I love your blackened colors for fall. Also bring back mahogany, tobacco, deep blue/greens. Thanks for asking! ๐Ÿ˜˜

  • Dear Louis โ€” royal blue, brown, and chartreuse. I love these three colors individually and together. Thanks so much for asking. XO

  • Deep purples, MALACHITE!!!, all the jewel tones – reds, blues
    For the neutrals – ivory, grey and navy.

  • Hi Louis, I think the ladies have every color covered ๐Ÿ™‚ But I would add my votes for Perfectly Pink in any tops, for all year round. I am SO not a pink girl, but that color looks good on everyone, and goes with every single skirt or pant color imaginable; a perfect travel color. ALWAYS more Navy … never enough, and sometimes (thank you Laundryman Walter) we need replacements ๐Ÿ˜‰ Also love any of the varying shades of Blackberry, Raisin, Chili Pepper, Burgundy no matter what the color name. And … GINGER; that new Ginger is gorgeous; mine will be here in 2 more days; also a wardrobe maker color.

    Thank you so much for asking our opinions!!! Love, Hugs and Strength to you, Cathy in PA

  • Camel, raisin, any of your lovely grays, and the return of lovely Aubergine would make me very happy. Thanks for asking! –Mary Jane

  • So wonderful to see you for the 2 hour show. Your face is looking a bit thin…please make sure you are eating, Dear One!

    Imperial Purple, Blackberry, Periwinkle/Cornflower, Mauve, Taupe, Pine Green (no yellow), Paradise Red, WK Scarf in LDO Navy please! XO

  • Navy Pine Green and Charcoal

  • Olive or cypress, magenta, dark true red, lapis
    Thank you!

    • My choices too! Love your olive and magenta. Blue reds and lapis, yes, yes! Oh, and malachite which surprised me with how much I liked it and how good it looks on me. And maybe a pale turquoise/robin’s egg blue and the pale winter pastels of lilac and icy blue.

  • Sweaters: White (pure white), Kelly green, love any pastels.

    Bottoms: love your trouser pants from years past A259702.
    Need a new pair in Black, grey, taupe
    Love the tapered leg at ankle.

    Would love to see winter white early in the season. Soon enough to order for holidays. Pant, skirt, sweater , blazer. Maybe in a heavier weight??

  • Hi Louis!

    Tops/sweaters in deep, dark emerald green. Almost a “blackened” emerald. Sans the brightness of malachite done a few years back.

    A deep, dark, blackened true red would be nice too. The scarlet is too bright for me. Love jewel tones, but not bright jewel tones.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Browns for me, especially cool browns. Anything from taupe to milk chocolate to dark chocolate. More fawn would be good. I have the super ponte in that and would love some more tops to mix in.

    Anxiously awaiting my pyramid of joy!

  • Malachite, Imperial violet you did this color in the WK swing sweater, dark umber, and that blue you did in A293746 the sleeveless turtleneck which I am actually wearing today lol with my grey v-neck cardigan, grey ponte knit pants and the adj y necklace in colbalt. Whatever colors you bring in works for me.

  • Louis, you’re always so thoughtful to include us in your thinking about color — thank you! I’d also love to see more of the brighter jewel colors, including your bright Linea red, turquoise, the blue that Jac’s wearing in the “Thank You All” photo, and your perfect Malachite green.

  • Hi Louis. My favorite color is blue and I like most shades of it. How about a slate blue? I also love grey and I love the charcoal that you have done. What about a soft grey?

  • Thank you for asking!

    Myrtle green items (with Russian gold buttons).


    Heliotrope with browns.

    Prussian blue with steel grey.

  • Dear Louis,
    I know yours was a request for color suggestions, but since Somersault has requested sequined pants, may I add a request for your version of the YSL Le Smoking Jacket. I’m hoping that Jac’s Blazer in black will get me partly there but would you ever think of adding the satin lapels? Just thought I’d ask…

  • Louis, my all time wish is your black sequin pant! I know QVC won’t approve it but they have stuck in my memory since you showed them years ago during a holiday show. This had to be at least 6 years ago but they were so spectacular I am not able to forget them! Cat

  • Dear Louis,
    Thank you for asking!
    Here are colors that will always tempt me beyond my capacity to resist:

    White shirts
    Pale Pink (no peachiness)
    Blackberry, Port,
    Gray, Silver Gray, Charcoal gray, Pantone Peat
    Deep Teal, dusty teal, Pantone Arctic, Pantone Dusty Turquoise

    Deep Gray (not heathered), Pantone Peat

    Gray, Charcoal, Pantone Peat
    Wine, Port, Blackberry
    Deep and dusty teals
    Deep brown

  • Louis,so very happy to see you on air this morning and can’t wait for the new ponte knit crop pants next month! Love when you give us sneak peeks of thing yet to come!

    Favorite Fall colors-
    Cadet blue

    Stay well, my friend.

  • Well…since you asked, I too love your scarlet but didn’t realize as petite I CAN wear well until received navy. Scarlet sold out. Malachite stunning and lapis. I’m a jewel tone/”a winter”. Would love those colors in the SS Tee as well. And lastly would LOVE that tee in a long sleeve, even and prayers continue. Pamela in the..sunny south.

  • Tops:
    Teal or dark emerald green.
    Love the cherry and port (i cant do scarlet with my coloring).
    A pretty blue in the royal family.

    Thankyou for asking and making it so easy to obtain beautiful clothing. I never have to look around anymore!

  • Black velvet pants…;-)

  • Louis,
    I am a neutrals girl. Beiges, off whites, gray, your navy and black. Just bought your bayleaf and have your lovely v neck print blouses from fall last year. I do like Browns and may come back to your brown v neck. I noticed one of the Linea ladies mentioned a print TN sweater. In the 80s i bought a turtleneck from St Laurent shop on St. Honore in Paris. I still have it…its exquisite. It has a black turtle neck, shoulders,sleeves, side panels and ribbed bottom. Front and back it has a kind of heatheredw print of red, green and off white with black threads. As I told you. i am a neutrals girl, but this is a stunning TN . The neck, cuffs and bottom are ribbed. The placement of the black sections make this a wonderful one of a kind.

  • Oh also, more blackberry! Love that! I have to say I also adore your navy. Just received both the tank and cardigan. I usually donโ€™t wear navy because I think itโ€™s too blue โ€œ lightโ€. When I opened the package I thought it was black. But it was a true dark navy. I LOVE it! Now I need more.


    More WK straight midi skirts and coordinating pieces in Linea Navy, – dying for that long straight skirt in WK for years in Linea Navy – Camel (dark umber too dark for my taste and already have the nutmeg pieces from years back), Scarlet Red, Perfectly Pink, Winter White/ Ivory, love your Port, and Forest Green We live in what we jokingly call the northern frozen tundra now along the Canadian border – US side – and I wear my midi WK skirts 8 months of the year.

    Wonderful show this week. Can’t wait for the stunning new jewelry pieces and of course the Jac Ivory suit is coming my way and am waitlisted on the black version. Also the very beautiful wrap skirts and more. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    • More WK skirts in knee length as well. I would love navy, winter white, and any jewel tones. I need to wear suits/soft suiting with skirts often. Love the whisper knit.

      My favorite colors: blue based red, kelly green, royal blue, royal purple, black, charcoal gray.

  • Love your celadon and anything ivy to go with the ivy pants,any other color you do would be fabulous,these linea ladies have such great suggestions

  • Thank you for asking.

    I echo the color choices of Barbara from Virginia. Plus I’d love the return of malachite.

    Be well.

  • Good Morning Louis, I would love to add more classic colors to my wardrobe Taupe, Navy, Warm Red, and a color from the Periwinkle family. I just love your classsic pieces. I havenโ€™t had luck recently finding a true taupe. (usually sold out in my size.) Thank you for asking.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dear Louis, So good of you to ask us all. Again, I would also like to see dark green, maybe cinnamon and ruby reds. I wondered if you would consider making a tuxedo jacket for next fall or perhaps in the future. I know you did one a few years back but some how my daughter stole mine which is now too small for me anyway! I notice some celebrities are wearing them again and I love this look. Thank you, it was good to see you on air again, Jac would of been so proud of you. Best wishes. Janey

    • Dear Janey, I have done a new Tuxedo, but that’s no guarantee the buyers will but it. It would be for much later in the season…..a Holiday offering.

      • Dear Louis, Give me there names and I will “make them an offer they can’t refuse” lol. Seriously, fingers crossed because I would be the first to buy and I’m sure other ladies would too. Thank you for your reply.

  • Thank you for asking about colors. Here are my suggestions:
    -light creamy tangerine/orange creamsicle.
    -deep peach.
    -silvery sage green.
    -moss green.
    -soft periwinkle.
    -olive tones.
    -brownish burgundy, maroon.

    Please accept my heart felt condolences on your loss. I saw you last night on the Q,
    pre-purchased many many items. Your wife would be so proud of you. God bless you.

  • Saturated, clear, cool colors for me! Anything in the red-purple range that is not too muted. Blackened OK. Spruce and other blue-greens. Loved last year’s Forest! Charcoal, not blue grays, entire range from light to dark. True taupes. Black! Winter, not yellowish whites or ivories. Icy, not muted, lights. Lights like pure white with a hint of color for blouses and winter pastels.

  • Deborah (a.k.a. Diamondscribe)

    Louis, one of my favorite colors of those you’ve done over the years was an aqua shade in a French cuff jacket, A78354. I was just writing about this jacket on the Q forum earlier today. It is your Linea aqua, only a bit more paler and muted. I consider it a year round color because it isn’t spring/summer bright, but neither is it winter pastel. As to my favorite fall/winter colors I really like the “blackened” colors. I rarely buy purple but I love your “blackberry”. So I would say any of that type of color treatment. If you have Prisma markers (thinking of your sketches), some of my favorite prisma colors are Pale Jade, Brittany Blue, Lime Peel, Spanish orange (or Mineral Orange if Spanish is too yellow to sell), Tuscan Red, Sepia and Blondwood. I tend toward the tapestry-type colors like Pompeian Red rather than fashion reds like scarlet. I love the new colors in the moss crepe. Will there be more of those colors of moss crepe coming up?

  • So happy you asked ,

    The reefer coat in a dark camel,navy or. Gray

    I love the dark berry colors and purples rust.

    Love scarlet too


  • I would love to see purples, grays and more rust.

    My condolences, let me say Jac was the walking definition of elegance, she was a class act that cannot be copied, and so great that we want to imitate her!! I know she is up there dressing the angels. Thank you for sharing her with us.

  • I always will request the return of malachite – the most gorgeous green you’ve ever done. ๐Ÿ™‚ Also would love a berry color, and purples.

  • Dear Louis,

    I recently made my wish list of “completer pieces.”

    I would love the following pieces in navy: long whisper knit skirt, wk swing cardigan, scarf, and new style wk pants. I have the original style wk pants in navy, but I like this year’s slimmer leg so much better.

    The new style whisper knit pants in heather charcoal grey would complete my collection.

    The reefer coat in navy and grey would be awesome.

    As for new colors in tops, I love the idea of lapis blue or other rich blue, rich purples, and fuchsia.

    Thanks for asking!

  • Thanks for asking! Welcome colors would be: (1) Camel–the color of the poncho–that you did last year; (2) teal or any shade of blue with a hint of green; (3) scarlet red; (4) purple–more blue than red; and (5) black–always a wardrobe staple for me. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.–Carol

  • My wish list:
    Dark greens (blue based)-spruce, forest green
    Tanzanite shade (somewhat like the cornflower blue, but deeper)
    Port/wine—I can’t seem to get enough
    Olive/moss/chive green
    Celadon was beautiful!

    This is off topic, but here goes:

    I’d also love the WK swing sweater with pockets.

    Do you think they will ever approve a longer trench (knee length)?

    Did you ever think of making a denim jean? I know you would have a masterful cut. It could be in the Leisure line with wide elastic waist.

    Thanks for all you do for us. Supportive wishes always-

    • Dear Judy….a jean is coming for spring. I have done thee fall trench in a midi length in the same fabric, but I don’t know if it will be bought.

      • Thank you SO much!!! A midi length, WOW!!!
        I’ll be hoping they will select the trench. My old B. trench isn’t fit to be worn any longer, and in my opinion, your attention to detail is superior!
        I have 3 of your trench coats, but the midi would be the icing on the cake!
        Can I ask if it has a hood? Lined?
        And jeans….I’m awed.

        • Judi…no hood…I tried,, but it was a no go….It’s exactly like the other trench. Don’t remember if it was lined? Just midi length, and no contrast color….all solid

          • Thanks for responding so quickly. A hood isn’t a necessity. The coat is quite warm as is, a zip in lining would have been an extra bonus.
            I think it would be successful, petite Linea Ladies could use it as a maxi coat and many of the Linea Ladies are taller than petite.

            If you don’t mind another question. If I don’t hear back I’ll post it on the “Ask Louis” section-

            Were you able to submit a proposal for the drawstring pants we all seem to love, but without the drawstring the buyers don’t care for. A casual, languid pant such as that would be so welcome.

            As always, take good care of yourself

  • Hi Louis,

    So funny you are asking this question already. Just last night I was hoping you would come out with more items in celadon.

    I am also a lover of all things purple – light to dark (love the blackberry you did last year).

    Another vote for forest green, teal and lime too.

    I hope you saw my post in the Ask Louis section. I posted it this morning but donโ€™t see it or the posts earlier than that anymore.

    Thank you for asking.

  • I think purples should be added to some of the WK line โ€” deep purples, not lilacs.Green based lime would be a nice color for WK tops too. I would love to see navy jewelry, either an enamel with gold tone or silver tone in a set (necklace & earrings). Maybe a shorter Etruscan necklace (about 18โ€ length) for those who wear your V or scoop neck tops so it nestles right above the V or scoop. No more heathered tops, prefer the solid colors. I would love to see some sleeveless pleated front shells in print or solid colors (to go with the Jac suits.)

    Thanks for asking us.

  • Another vote for teal

  • Louis, your show last night was fabulous! I cried over Jac right along with you—and I shopped like hell, including both “Jac” suits—who could resist.

    For Fall colors—I love your Purples and Fuchsia (Long WK Cardigans and Tanks, please). A new “Tanzanite” would be great, too!

    You’ve done a lot of real reds recently and I thank you for that as I am a red freak–but I’m saturated on red. Good on the Greys from this past year, too.

    Bring us something in a color that Jac loved. That would be very good, indeed.


  • I would love to see lavender or purple colors. Still love the pastel pinks they make everyone good. I have one request that when you make your jewelry please make more of it because every time I want to go order something itโ€™s already sold out. Your jewelry is great!

  • Camel, Scarlett red, teal, winter white, port wine forest green

  • I love the colors of the seed bead necklaces, particularly the lime one; it seems to glow from within. I also love the new green in the Bay leaf color and Port color that has already been mentioned. Any chance for some pockets in the swing sweaters? Thank you for asking!

  • I personally love your siennas, burnt umber, topaz shades you do.

  • Louis, if you could ever get the same/similar fabric as the jacket and pants you did in pale olive and stone many years ago, many of us would be so grateful! A well-loved Linea classic! A-226257 and A-226258.

  • Thank you as always for asking!

    First, I would like a ENR WK skirt in Port to match my sweater and coat.


    –I know lavender is a hot color for 2018-2019, especially greyed, greige ones.
    –More in the burgundy family like the color of your trench coat
    –I loved the rosehip sweater you did for us a few years ago. Lights up the face!
    –I have the nutmeg in this top and its just wonderful (A235313)
    –years ago you did a royal purple ikat suit (jacket has faceted “gems”) and it is the most wearable purple ever.

    I am sure none of that was helpful! Basically, greyish neutrals, rich pinks, golden browns, and saturated purples and burgundy.

  • I love your dark umber, so more of that!
    Dark taupe.
    Scarlet: Really wish you could reorder or do a new scarlet whisper knit skirt and a reorder of the scarlet long WK cardigan (287608). A scarlet short sleeve WK sweater, too (A-267882).
    Thank you for asking, Louis!

  • Olives – Deep Rusts – Dark Grays. Thank you for asking.

    Is it possible to do a print/pattern Whisper Knit Sweater?

  • Olive/moss, port/wine, grey, light and dark.

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