“February 3, 2000”


………………….On February 3rd, 2000, Jac and I exchanged over wedding vows and pledged to one another to be man and wife for the rest of our lives……..Today would have been 18 years……….

It was really our  dear friends Jean Pierre Dupre and Andrea Pfister who came up with the idea of getting married in Las Vegas. They had stopped off in NYC on their way to Vegas for an international shoe show. Andrea was a famous shoe designer in Europe, and sold his shoes in America in the very best stores and boutiques. I collaborated with Andrea on creating the Anne Klein Couture Shoe Collection. WE all had known each other for years and years more then 17 at that time . Jac and I spent many happy times in their incredible villa overhanging the cliffs of Priano on the Amalfi Coast of Italy. The Mediterranean Sea was his back yard and the Island of Capri was our view. It was Heaven on Earth. It was Andrea who said why don’t you come with us to Vegas and get married. Jac and I, who weren’t the most spontaneous people, looked at each us and said YES….Off we went to Vegas. I called the Little White Chapel that we had heard so much about, and  made the arrangements for the next day. We rushed down to city hall and got our license in seconds. Of course we had to wait on line. We weren’t the only ones who decided to get married in Vegas. The girl at the counter had only one question…..”are you first cousins” she asked in some kind of drawl….Jac and I laughed and said “no’. We got our license… Jac wanted Elvis to marry us, but I said if we were married by someone dressed up as Elvis, I would never believe we were really married. So the Rev. Stone married us in the Little White Chapel, and Jean Pierre and Andrea were our witnesses. Jean Pierre cried throughout the entire ceremony! They were partners in business and in life. When it became legal in France they were married. They were together for 57 years. We went to have dinner at the Top of the Needle that is a revolving restaurant, famous in Vegas…..a real tourist spot. On the top of the restaurant is a roller coaster! We went up thinking we might try it, but when we saw that it actually over hung the building we all chickened out. The next day Jac and I took a 4 seat plane ride over Monument Valley where a lot of western movies were shot and we flew into the Grand Canyon, which they don’t allow anymore. Jac was petrified, but I loved it. The next day we went to Hoover Dam and went on the Hard Hat Tour. That’s a tour where they actually take you deep inside the dam, and you can see where the workers who built the dam engraved their names into the cement. There were actual little windows in the dam that you could look out of. It was fascinating. Unfortunately, that tour was stopped after 9/11….The world has changed, and not for the better……………..The Little White Chapel offered different packages…..funny! We even have a video that was part of our “package”. Jac only asked that we not get picked up in a pink or white limo. She wanted a black limo to pick us up in front of the Bellagio hotel……but we got a LOOOOOOOG white limo with The Little White Chapel printed on the doors…..I said “Hon this is Vegas….they don’t have black limos!” As part of the package they offered bouquets, but of course Jac said NO. She said she didn’t want to carry a tacky bouquet all night……….so Andrea picked flowers right in front of the hotel from their garden for Jac to carry. You can’t make this stuff up. Our wedding in Vegas was a lot of fun and we had a great time…..I know we have photos some where, but I have no idea where Jac stored them……I will have to keep looking in all the boxes and draws………………………………We had memories to share for a life time……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

………………Jean Pierre passed away in 2016 from complications due to diabetes, and Andrea passed away only last week……It really is too much to bare………………..The photo above is the three of them in Vegas having a great time…………..I know that today they are all together celebrating our anniversary………………………………………….Hello Jean Pierre and Andrea……………………………..

…………………………………………………………….Happy Anniversary my Dear Jac, my Dear Angel………..I will love you forever and ever and ever………………………………………………………………………….

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  • Louis, I think you are a fabulous and sensitive designer. Having Jac model your clothes during the presentations was delightful. I will miss her too. Thank you for sharing your life together, you are such a great Storyteller.

  • Dear Louis,

    I’ve been visiting my 90-year old mother for the past few days, so I haven’t been online much. (My mother, by the way, looks at least 25 years younger and is ever so fashionable – she loves your clothes!!) I loved reading about your wedding and your precious words to Jac on your anniversary. You are a very special person, Louis. Thank you for sharing your love for Jac with us.



  • What a lovely and fun story!

  • Dear Louis —

    I love this story so much! I love not only the content, but the entertaining way you told it. You are a beautiful storyteller, probably because you wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak, and your stories are genuinely heartfelt. From you stories, Jac impresses me as one who was understated and refined, loyal and loving. I know you said she never smoked but I wonder if she was exposed to a lot of secondhand smoke in the fashion industry. Then again I have known other women who died of lung cancer who never smoked. Makes me wonder if tobacco is really the number one cause of lung cancer. In any event, I’m so sorry your angel Jac was taken from you so early. God Bless.

    With much love,

  • Our dear Louis,
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of your time together with Jac. The whole Vegas story brought laughter amid the tears. I believe that it is the memories – especially the sharing of those memories – of those whom we have lost that keep them ‘alive’.

    Prayers and thoughts,

  • You made me laugh when you said that your friend ran out and picked flowers….and here I had visions that you and Jac had this sophisticated, high society event! What fun!

    • We were thinking of having something small at the Pierre Hotel, but somehow we were never excited about doing it. When Amdrea said come to Vegas, we thought what fun. We told no one except Jac’s mom, who couldn’t ‘t have been happier. It was spontaneous, and we were so happy we did it…..we had a video done as part of the “package”. We looked at it when we got home, and put it away. We never looked at it again. My brother just converted it to a disc for me. I can’t look at it just yet, but I will soon. It won’t be easy to see the three of them …..it will be very bittersweet

      • I was wondering what Jac’s mother thought, but didn’t want to ask, but now I know! She must have been as easygoing as her daughter. And she realized that the wedding was about you and Jac, the couple. Something I will have to remember when my four boys get married!

  • Dear Louis,

    Thank you for another beautiful story. I feel honored that you share these personal times. Blessings. ~ Barbara C.

  • Such a stunning portrait of the two of you. What wonderful memories.

  • Another wonderful story, Louis. Happy Anniversary! Boy, can you paint some word pictures. Your spontaneous wedding sounds perfect—fun, funny, fabulous! Keep the stories coming—-good for you, good for us!
    Redundantly I say that I think of you and Jac everyday with love, sadness for your loss, and admiration.

  • Happy Anniversary. Another wonderful story, thank you for sharing it with us. What precious memories you have of you wedding day. I was expecting to cry again but laughed reading about the long white limo with the logo and picking floweres at the Bellagio. What a fun time all of you must have had. I am sure they are all celebrating together today. Try to do something nice for yourself and hold on to your special memories of your wonderful time together. It was definitely too short, but so very special.
    Love, strength and hugs.

  • Louis, I so enjoy reading your stories. Please continue to share. When I read this blog I sometimes have tears, sometimes i smile at the tender things you say, but today, I had a chuckle. Your two friends look like they could be full of mischief and laughs. I think I would have enjoyed them as friends too. I cannot imagine how much fun you and Jac had in your impromptu wedding. Great memories! My husband is gregarious and also a full of life type person however, I tend to be a bit serious and conservative, but when I am around vivacious people who force me outside the box, I must admit I am happy to shed the title of a stick in the mud! Your 18 years of marriage to Jac was not enough but my oh my, I am learning that the two of you shared some incredible adventures and lovely time together.

  • Oh Louis this brings back such memories for me. We were married Feb 1 1979 at The Little White Chapel and we laughed the whole time. The lady that married has a beehive hairdo and when she is saying the vows all I could do was look up at her hair. The package deal was so funny pictures flowers, rings, video, etc. I said yes to flowers and it was plastic and I had to give it back . I’m laughing now just thinking about it. We spent the whole night at the casino and we were staying at the MGN and they had a mini mall shopping area below that I spent my time in while the new husband gambled all night and the next day. I always said that we couldn’t be legally married because it was so much fun. We even got to see Tony Orlando and Dawn. I always noticed how relaxed Jac looked when you were on vacation and I always asked her to have a frozen drink for me. I really loved your European vacation pictures too.

  • What a wonderful and colorful start to your married life! You will always feel your strong bond to Jac for the remainder of your years. True love holds you close.

    Thank you for sharing this your story.

  • Dearest Louis,
    Thank you so much for sharing your memories and this special day with us. You two are truly a special couple. So few ever experience that in life. Every time I read your blog I give my husband of 33 years a special hug and kiss. We were married as teens and I am now so grateful that destiny brought us together at such a young age. My heart breaks for you and what you must be going through. The thought of losing a special partner is unthinkable and yet there is this understanding that one day… I know Jac is there with you, giving you strength and celebrating your anniversary. Much love, Regina

    • Regina, let’s pray that day is far far away. Jac and I thought we had many many years ahead of us. Both of my parents were 94 when they passed within 21 days of each other and Jac parents were both in their 80s. Jac was too too young to be taken from me.

      • I agree, and as much as you miss her, I sincerely hope we have many more years to share with you as friends and avid admirers of your creativity. I am glad you are able to look forward as well as reflect while grieving. We grieve in many ways and there really isn’t a set “time.”

  • What a beautiful photo of you two, and a fun photo of Jac with your friends. So sad they aren’t here any longer too. But they are all watching over you.

    Thank you for sharing this story. So fun to read about your wedding. Never knew you got married in Vegas! I love reading about all the details. You write beautifully.

    I know today is a difficult day. Try to focus on your beautiful memories. 💜

  • Dear Louis- Happy Anniversary ❤️ Enjoy your beautiful memories! Memories can’t ever be taken from us ; thank goodness. I so enjoy listening to your love story . I think you enjoy sharing them, and I hope you know they bring us happiness as well. Do something fun today on this brisk and sunny day with your fur babies . Hugs and peace- Nancy

  • Oh, that portrait! What a stunning, stunning couple!
    I hope this date will bring you many remembering smiles. Your wedding day, honeymoon and dear friends all sound like the most fun.
    Cherish and enjoy the memories, especially today.

  • Dear Louis, Happy wedding anniversary. It’s lovely that you share this day with all of us and the picture of you and Jac is stunning. You remember the details so clearly and make the day seem special as well as funny. Your stories and photos would make a very interesting book as I’m sure you have many memories both from work and personal adventures. So sad Jean Pierre and Andrea are no longer here. The thing about getting older is I find myself read obituaries of people I have known just as my mother did. She would pick up the newspaper and say “let’s look at the hatches, matches and dispatches” – her term for births marriages and deaths – British sense of humor! Thank you once again for allowing us into your special day. Our anniversary is the 14th (my husband said that day would be easy to remember!!!). Love Janey

  • Happy Anniversary, Jac and Louis! Your commitment to each other was long before Feb. 3,2000. What a wonderful memory of your wedding. The thought of the two of you in a stretch white limo with the logo on it made me chuckle. Just the thought of two people who are so proper riding in something so outrageous must have been a sight to behold!!! Jac spoke of your wedding and said she had worn so many wedding gowns that they held no mystery for her and chose not to wear one. She spoke of how nervous you were and the tears that were in your eyes. It was a beautiful day for the both of you. Enjoy this day, Louis, of how very happy you both were and how blessed to have your life together. oxoxoxo Cat

  • Thank you for sharing such intimate details of your love story with Jac. It is such a delight to get a peek into your lives together. We can feel the love you shared through your stories! You have been blessed indeed to have shared such a great love and I know she would have felt the same. Happy anniversary.

  • Your life together is wonderful and your memories are precious. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  • Good morning Louis,
    Last evening my husband Dan was asking how you were doing. He told me my voice was cracking as I was speaking of you and Jac. I told him how wonderful the show was, that Jac had you make “promises” and that you are keeping them…and that we are the beneficiaries of her thoughtfulness and love.
    I also had remembered that you said today was your anniversary….remember your Happy Times together.
    Love and prayers, hugs and kisses.

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