Hello everyone…………..I have just found out I will have a show on Feb.17th at 6:00am to 7:00am…….Following that I will be on In Style with Leah Williams at 7:00am with two, actually 3 new items in GAUZE CREPE……the crop pant isn’t going to be scripted in the show but will be a “Show and Mention” so it can be ordered at the same time. I’ve also been told I will be doing other hits that day and I think it may be on QVC2 at 10:00am with Gabrielle, but that has not been confirmed.

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  • So happy you’ll be having more shows. I’ve recently posted some (stellar!) reviews on the Q. I’m hoping your Whisper Knit items will be restocked soon in the basics and I’d love to see more colors added in the slim skirts. I’d also love to see a Whisper Knit jacket and a whisper knit very slightly boot cut pant added. Mixing the brighter colors with my black and navy pieces gives me a lot of options..sometimes all one color, sometimes a bright jacket with a navy or black skirt and top… You do great work Louis!

  • Can’t wait for your show. Love, love your clothes. Just received the top that I ordered on your last show . I hope my credit card doesn’t rebel on me LOL.

  • Dear Louis, I will be there on the 17th, sat in bed, coffee, kindle and two fur babies beside me ready to watch. Wish QVC would give you more sociable times on air for your exceptionally well made garments and stunning styles. I remember your TSV a few years back, I bought the cream jacket and still love it. I bet you will know what year but I can’t remember. Love Janey.

    • Janey….me remember? That was Jac’s department. She remembered everything. I’m lucky if I remember what I watched on TV last night.

  • Yay! Looking forward to another show!

  • I have over 10 pieces of the pebble and gauze crepe. I love the fabric because it hides figures flaws, looks fresh even though I wear it all day, travels well, and looks classy because it flows beautifully and hangs softly. I say, Louis, bring ‘em on and I will buy!

  • So glad to see another show, and yippee for Gauze Crepe!

  • Great news! Am hoping there will be a presentation of the Boho Skirt in the New Colours – Dark Olive, Wine & Steel Gray.

  • Great! I’m excitedly awaiting my delivery of the items I ordered from your 1/31 show. I am wearing your A294605 Wing Collar Blouse with Swing Hem which I have in four colors and looks like it was custom made for me. Your clothes are a dream! Looking forward to what you will bring to your 2/17 show! Ruth

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