Important Dates

These are the dates of my shows and appearances as of today, but they can change. I will keep you posted. A * means a change or…*** addition from the original dates listed

***Feb. 17th, 6:00am, one hour show regular channel

***Feb.17th,  7:00am a hit on Instyle with Leah Williams  [2 new crepe gauze pieces, and an additional pant which will be a show and mention, but avail to buy] regular channel

***Feb 17th, 10:00am  AM Style on QVC2 with Gabrielle

Feb. 28th, 2:00 pm, one hour show [regular channel]

Feb.28th, QVC2 BIG DEAL, 9:00pm

March 1st, QVC2 BIG DEAL, 6:00pm

March 27th 3:00pm, one hour show, main channel

March 28th, 3:00pm to 5:00pm QVC2

March 29th 3:00pm , one hour show on the main channel.