Important Dates

These are the dates of my shows and appearances as of today, but they can change. I will keep you posted. A * means a change or…*** addition from the original dates listed


August 24th, 9:00pm “BIG DEAL” one hour show

August 25th, QVC2, 6:00pm a one hour JEWELRY SHOW!!!!!!!!!

August 25th, QVC2, 8:00pm a one hour show

***Sept. 18th 9:00am, Carolyn’s Closet

Sept. 18th, 5:00pm, a two hour show

Oct. 23rd, 6:00am, one hour show

Oct. 23rd, 2:00pm, two hour show

Dec.14th, 9:00pm, one hour show, QVC2 BIG DEAL

Dec. 15th 8:00pm, one hour show, QVC2 BIG DEAL