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This section is dedicated to and for anyone who would like to post a question or comment on anything so I may give some feedback and hopefully help in anyway possible. Please make sure all comments and questions are done courteously in respect of not only myself but all who view this blog.

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    • I am so happy they posted early. I went in this a.m. and purchased the steel gray and clove in small. Hopefully QVC will get them out the door fast so I receive quickly.

  • Louis,

    The reason I’m already asking about your new floral print is that I think you are absolutely the best when it comes to floral designs and color selection/development. When you came out with the crinkle floral blouse/tank skirt last spring, I wailed because I could not wear the matching skirt (or so I thought). For some reason, the floral print boho skirt looked good on me even though the solid color boho looked dreadful on me. I wrote in my review that perhaps I needed the print to break up the expanse of my hips. Don’t really know, but by stalking with cold persistence, I was able to get the outfit in all three colors: Red, Blue and Black.

    And I’m not really a print person. BUT I LOVE your prints!

  • Today I bought two floral georgette blouses that came back into stock. As I watched the video again, I thought how lovely it would be if you would provide some scarves in the lovely Italian florals or prints to accessorize solid tops -especially during the spring summer season. The scarves would be so flowy and pretty. Isaac and Joan Rivers used to sell many scarves but not so much anymore. For me, scarves are always in style and I have boat loads and love them all. They may be more of a pain than they are worth to sell and be able to make money but the Q does not have anyone selling high quality scarves like you would find in Bergdorf’s or Nordstom’s. Is there a reason why you have not brought us this accessory? I think it would be likely ladies would collect your scarves as well as your jewelry.

    • Dear Jackie…scarves haven’t been doing well,as a category in general….i’m Happy my WkK scarf has done well, but that’s not a guarantee it will be reordered…..however in April or May I will have a large Island print scarf/shawl/pareo that matches a georgette shirt duster…’s BEAUTIFUL

  • Looks like the new shipment of bead necklaces is in ! My waitlisted alabaster beads are now marked ” in process”!

  • Louis I received the three new colors in the trouser socks yesterday and I luv them just as much as the black that I got last year and wore to death. I am wearing the navy lace since I will be going to a Christmas party later at my job. They are still as comfortable as ever. Can’t wait to wear the wine and the ivory this month. i am totally on board with new colors!

  • wow those trouser socks are wonderful. Doubles of every color! Yes I reviewed them :) Loving that missing piece – until these arrived – with my wine WK dress or my wine pants. Might need these in blackberry on a reorder. Brown, camel, stone, smoke, forest green?
    And wow on all of the super ponte pants this season, bootcut (which came only in regular and which I had to take up 4 inches) and the slim petite super ponte which fit right out of the package! Love smoke head to toe. Love that you really CAN’T see through the winter white/Ivory pant! Happy on every level!

    • Oh I didn’t think of wearing the wine trouser socks with the wine wk dress! Great idea! I suppose maybe over some nylons for warmth.

  • Louis
    Since you are having the Big Deal on Tuesday, December 12, do you think QVC will give your regular customers the opportunity to purchase the cowl swing sweater early. Sometimes QVC does offer an early opportunity to purchase products prior to presentation by sending out an email to the vendor’s good customers.

  • Hi Louis,

    Will you have jewelry sneak peeks during your December 12th show? 😍😍😍

  • Dear Louis:

    I read an earlier post from Joanna and saw your answer that Ponte Pants are hopefully coming to QVC in Jan or Feb. I LOVE your A282511 pants and am hoping that is included in the shipment as well.


  • Louis, the Aztec necklace is posted in chocolate for waitlist only ordering. I don’t remember seeing this on your website. If this will be available soon, I would love to see a picture. I’m looking forward to December 12th and 13th. Thank for always giving us beautiful fashion choices and styling help. Happy Holidays to you and Jac.

  • Hello Louis. You asked me to report back on what I thought of the new colors for the trouser socks. I got all 3 of the new colors, and they are just perfect. There are some things that simply “complete” an outfit. The finishing touch. These trouser socks definitely fit that category. Like jewelry for the feet.

    • Dear Linda, that is great to hear. I would appreciate it if you would post this on the Linea Forum. I know there are many women waiting to hear reviews and opinions on fit.

  • Hi Louis,

    I hope this post finds you and Jac doing well.

    Would you please tell me the difference between two colors… the nutmeg swing sweater and the tobacco swing sweater. I looked at both on your site and can t quite see a difference. I’m sure it’s my eyes. 🙃

    Thank you!

  • I just saw that the linked faceted bead necklace is back for ordering. I have had a waitlist in the Blackberry since it sold out, so I looked under my order and cancelled it. I then tried to order it, but it told me it was still on waitlist. So I guess I’ll wait and hope it is sent. (I did again place a waitlist order for it.) I have read how others had problems with these kind of orders, so guess I’m really not surprised, but it’s frustrating, remembering how we didn’t seem to have these problems before. 4UL7

  • Louis, I love this flower bead set J350150 I am wearing the lilac mist today with my purple haze twinset that you brought to us a while ago and my grey ponte knit pants. It’s on 5 EZ pays too along with all the other jewelry, what a treat if any of the other ladies are interested! I can’t wait for your next jewelry show surely QVC can see that your first jewelry show was a mega hit!

    • Dear luvitorleaveit, I am so happy you love your Floral Nd Bead Necklace! When I did it at Anne Klein it was a huge success. I love that it has a delicate look, but it very noticeable and versatile. I don’t think a lot of woman appreciate it from the QVC photos. It really is so different, and special looking.

      • I can see why it was a huge success at Anne Klein, the QVC photos do not show the intricate details of this necklace that’s for sure. I knew from your sneak peeks that I had to have it but up close and personal I find it such an intriguing and special piece that I will treasure. Thank you for bringing it to us.

  • Hi Louis,
    Today I wore charcoal midi skirt, black tunic and gray long cardigan ( a282504). I threw on the alabaster glass necklace and got rave reviews. I love the way we can always put things together. You are a true genius. We’re so lucky.
    Love to you and Jac,

  • Louis —

    A question for you. I have the lamb leather jacket (A297864) in alabaster (and wine and black). When I received my alabaster jacket from QVC, it had some wrinkling on the front of the jacket from the packaging/folding. Much of the wrinkling has worked itself out after I’ve worn jacket, but some remains around the pocket area.

    Please know that I love this alabaster jacket. It is truly one of my favorite Linea pieces. I wear it often and will continue to do so for years to come. If the wrinkling never goes away, that’s fine. However, I thought I would ask you whether there’s a method that you’d recommend for smoothing out wrinkling in lamb leather. Would turning the jacket inside out and steaming it from the inside work? Or is this wrinkling just natural to the lamb leather?

    Thanks, as always, for taking the time to respond to our questions. I hope that you and Jac (and the girls) are enjoying the holiday season. Good luck with the upcoming shows!

    — Michelle

    • Dear Michelle….I have found that If I take a common brown paper bag….cut it open so it lays flat…..then place it over the wrinkled area and press with an iron [no steam]. First start with a low heat and work up until you get rid of the wrinkles…..never too too hot. I would try in an are that doesn’t show first. When these garments are made they are PRESSED so it should not hurt the leather, but you’re not a professional so go gently…….never put a hot iron or directly on the leather!…..Tread lightly

  • Dear Louis,
    The verdigris necklace just arrived. It obviously was a return but it’s perfect. So happy I was able to get it.
    Love to you and Jac,

    • Dear Beryl…..I’m so pleased your happy with your necklace. I think they are very special, and certainly something you will never see anywhere else.

      • Do you think there will be a reorder of this necklace?

        • I’m pretty sure the Etruscan Group will be reordered. I’m not sure about the Green Patina. It’s up to the factory that made it if they are willing to do it again. It was really a nightmare getting the first ones done. Many pieces were thrown out. Hopefully the conditions now are better than they were in the summer. I know they were asked, but I don’t know if the decision was made yet. I’ll keep pushing! Didn’t you get them?

  • Dear Louis,

    I have a dilemma and thought I’d ask your opinion. I was steaming my red “shantung” jacket this morning, which I’d hoped to wear to a party tonight, and somehow (maybe tipped the nozzle?) water dripped on the jacket causing light stains. I was hoping they’d dry, but they haven’t. The material of this jacket isn’t silk, but it sure is behaving that way! Wish I hadn’t been so careless… Do you have any advice? Thank you!

    • Dear Grace, I’m sorry to say I don’t have any suggestions since I have never experienced that. I know the steam water is super hot. Can you see the stains in the evening so maybe you can get away with wearing it for one night until we find out what to do. I will forward your note to my manufacturer and see if they have any suggestions, and you could bring it to your cleaners, and tell them what happened. The hot water may have damaged the fabric….I don’t know. I would say to wash the whole think since it is washable, but I don’t know if that would help. Let’s ask the experts first…….Maybe one of the ladies has a suggestion?

      • Dear Louis, thank you VERY much for your suggestions! I decided to take the chance and wash the jacket and the stains are gone! Used a steam iron this time and it came out beautifully! I will be wearing it tonight with the long red WK tunic, a black velvet pencil skirt and my Linea Byzantine necklaces, cross & earrings. Thank you, once again, for offering to talk to your manufacturer and thinking through options for me. You are most kind and generous and saved my evening!!

  • Good morning Louis,

    Just wanted to pass the word…I recieved an QVC email re: free shipping today,

    Had a chance to peek into my sisters closet last week at Thanksgiving, so I’ll be doing some extra shopping for her today!
    Enjoy the weekend, regards to Jac and see you soon.
    Thanks you, Elaine

  • Hi Louis. Do you know how they decide whether you are viewed on Q or Q2? I see you’re on Q2 a lot, and although I am thrilled that you are on, I HATE that you are on “2” since I, and many of us, do not get that channel. It’s just not convenient for me to watch on a computer. I personally don’t understand all these Q stations, and feel they’d be better off cleaning up and improving the original… I digress. Hopefully you’ll have a lot of future Q dates that most of us look forward to and put on our calendars. BTW… your new items are gorgeous. I’m in my office and realize that I have on one of your suede jackets from about 16, 17 years ago. STILL FABULOUS.

  • Louis,
    I loved the Verdigris fish so much so when the necklace set popped up I quickly grabbed it. Several days ago they e-mailed me saying there was no inventory and it was back ordered. Guess what? They just shipped it. Crazy but I’m delighted.
    Love to you and Jac,

  • Hi Louis,
    For me, the A298446 Super Ponte Slim Leg Pant has turned out to be perfection. Will this be coming back? I’d buy more black and would appreciate additional colors of navy and deep brown.
    BTW, the gray is just what I was hoping for. Thanks so much!

    • Dear Ruth…..I don’t know if they will reorder this pant since the petite did not sell well for whatever reason. Sales is what drives reorders.

  • Just ordered doubles of each color of the trouser sox. Louis, might you consider doing these sox in your “animal instincts” pattern??? Knee bone spurs and arthritis in shoulders have me no longer able to negotiate clambering into tights any more. But PERFECT knee socks are always doable! Now if I could just magically lengthen all my shorter Linea pencil skirts to midi length I could live with the deprivation of tights a little better. And I will have fingers crossed for more colors next go-round. Stone if it will work with your “fawn”? Dark grey? A “camel” color to go with your “nutmeg” midi? Something tonal for all my perfectly pink pieces??? I’m very grateful for these sox!!! Thank you kind sir!

  • Louis – I am so in love with your pull o ponte knit pants (A268216) at QVC and wondered when there were going to be more! Everything is sold out in smaller sizes, and I need grey. Hope you will bring some back in stock. I’m desperate!

    • A new shipment in Jan. or Feb….don’t remember, but only new colors other than black…. none of the old for now. There seem to be quite a few colors avail in small sizes, but of course it depends on the exact size. Have you checked recently?

      • I did check today – I need size 8. I could order another black, as they seem to have that, but really need gray, so hoping that is part of the reorder! I check every week or so – ’cause they fly out the door once restocked. These, really, are the best pants ever. I just love the fit, and they are easy care. I think only Navy, black and maybe maroon for now left in my size. Gray is completely gone in all sizes. Thanks for your reply!

  • Hi Ladies –

    Just wanted to let you know the trouser socks have posted. I have been stalking these. I bought all four colors. Happy ordering!

    • Great…..thanks for letting me know! I would have posted a sneak peek but it’s impossible to photo socks without a foot form. I do have all the samples and I can say they are fabulous! The lace socks in all the colors are great, but I especially love the Winter White ones for the Holidays and in the spring with a navy trouser and a RED flat……they all match my colors perfectly….lots of fun…..enjoy!

    • Thanks for the heads up I just ordered all three of the new colors!!!!

  • Louis,
    Like everyone else, I love your reefer coat, and purchased mutiples. I think it would be great to see it in ivory, perfectly pink and/or a pale grey. The lighter weight of it works so well for many in various climates.
    Thank you for all your beautiful designs and expert attention to detail, we truly appreciate it. The best to you and Jac through the holidays.

  • Dear Louis, Thank you for all the lovely clothes you design and create in such beautiful fabrics and colors. Then, of course, the fact that they fit like a dream brings them into the realm of perfection and you into the status of genius!
    I hope you and Jac have a wonderful day.
    Best regards, Ruth

  • Hi Louis
    Since it is fall again I am wearing my(A282506) Linea V neck swing sweaters you introduced last year. I own all three colors of those sweaters. Will you be bringing back that style in additional colors?
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jac and the rest of your family.

    • Yes, I believe so…..what colors do you like?

      • Dear Louis,

        With your response to Joanne, I haven’t seen any input for colors for the V neck WK swing sweater, so I thought I’d weigh in…

        I would love a deep, dark, RICH, emerald green. Non-bright like the malachite color that we had in years past-and love…But a dark – or “blackened” emerald green.

        Just wishin’…Thanks Louis!

      • Hi Louis
        I love the v neck swing sweater A282506. I will absolutely respond when you ask for color ideas in January.

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I am trying to focus on the positive, despite all the negative! Yesterday I wore a vintage Linea sandwashed silk safari-style shirt (it came with a self belt) in Navy….it is fabulous…but I found myself feeling really grateful for the new Linea fabrics which feel almost as nice, but dont cost me $15 each wearing to clean, and which don’t stain if I spill coffee! So thank you Louis for showing me the advantages of the newer fabrics!

  • Louis,
    I’m looking forward to the Dec 12 cowl neck sweaters. Planning on ordering Rhubarb, Clove and Black.And maybe even the grey if budget allows. My question is, the pictures of the sweaters looks like the waist is nipped in just a bit, giving it a shape, is that true?
    I NEED sweaters, as I have donated many past sweaters (minus any Linea), to a nursing home here in my town. These elderly ladies so appriciate something warm and pretty to wear through their days.
    So I am on the sweater hunt to replace and here you come , just at the right moment!! See you on the 12th!

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