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This section is dedicated to and for anyone who would like to post a question or comment on anything so I may give some feedback and hopefully help in anyway possible. Please make sure all comments and questions are done courteously in respect of not only myself but all who view this blog.

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  • Louis the Leisure pants with pockets Regular inseam has on waitlist a new color — Cypress. (A262070). The Petite inseam style (A262072) doesn’t show this new color yet. Can you describe what the Cypress color will be? Will this be a fall or winter item? Thank you.

  • Hi Louis,

    I hope this post finds you doing well!

    Will we see any new jewelry before your August jewelry show? I would love to have the new fish necklace in patina to go with my slate green chemise dress. I love this dress and hope to see it in many new colors. The fit is wonderful and fits a lady the way it should without giving away all her secrets!

    Thank you for all you do!!!

  • I too feel so fortunate to have a fashion designer to take the time to answer our questions. This is very special to me and people that abuse this sight should be ashamed to use this site for personal messages!

    • Thank you Kathy, I completely agree. I see she apologized and continued to post her nonsense!

    • Nancy (aka TheOwl)

      Ladies, I’m sure Goldie got the message. And none if us have lost anything. A lot of us – almost all of us strangers to one another, have come to love and appreciate Goldies fashion posts. This was unusual for her and I’m sure won’t be happening again. Now, please everyone has a really good day!

  • Thank you for what you said Joanne I too look forward too see what advice Louis will give on fashion and jewelry

  • Ladies
    This Louis’s blog where he is kind enough to answer a multitude of questions and give advice on his fashions/jewelry. I come here to to read about his clothing.

    Thank you Louis.

    • Yes, I am not in the least bit interested in Goldie’s DNA or her lineage!

      • I don’t even know Goldie, but I am appalled that some of you are so very rude! Louis often takes time to give advice about places to see if going to N.Y., seeing plays, and various other things. She said she knew Louis was off and things were slow.I am beginning to think this blog is just for rude snobs. I have always enjoyed this blog and own one of almost everything he has made, but that in no way justifies point blank cruelty to someone.I am a nurse and see the end result from others treating them like you have chosen to treat Goldie. It is just so wrong and you should be ashamed of yourselves.Judy, if you are not the least bit interested in Goldie’s dna or lineage, you at least could keep that to yourself.

  • a268216 – Ponte pants shows two more colors coming. Besides smoke and fawn, I now see dark olive and alabaster . Yea!! Four new colors.

    • why is it showing it is all sold out when they havn’t come out yet?

      • Katie – That seems to be the Q’s Process for ordering New Colours for existing Items. The Colour Names show up as ‘Waitlist’ – then they will disappear at some point – and when the Product actually arrives – everything will get posted for ordering. BTW – A268216 Ponte Pants are my favourite – can’t wait for the New Colours!

  • Nancy (aka TheOwl)

    Louis, any plans to bring back A267864 in new colors. I LOVE this cardi and am pipe dreaming about it in Linea navy. I’m almost enjoying these more in summer than in winter. Over a skeeveless item they are lucious on the bare skin. Today I’m wearing one over the new v neck long tunic top in peach – it’s 48 this morning and stormy. -Yet but another item I’m thoroughly enjoying (a290991). So any hope of a coming navy version in this cardi?

    Goldie, I understand excited enthusiasm about ancestry. I wonder if all that interesting mix has helped make you the gracious poster you always are? Food for thought.

  • Dear Louis,
    I am one of your newer addicted Linea Ladies & I bring 4 young ladies with me who love your designs. Thank you for explaining the fabrics & cuts/ shapes of your clothes, they are learning so much from you & we are excited about what will be coming in July & Fall.
    I had purchased the Adobe & Navy sets A288389 the pleated pull on skirt. On the first few pages of the Nordstrom Anniversary catalog, there is one like them in a heather gray! Will this skirt return in the fall in any other colors? I hope this one doesn’t go away too fast, really enjoy wearing them!
    My other question is for the WK fitted turtleneck A72448. Are more colors coming in the fall for this? I have purchased all the remaining colors you have in different sizes, I love this classic style. I wish I had known of you & your designs years ago but I am glad to have been able to purchase things this past year. Will there be any Fiesta colors in the turtlenecks?
    Thank you so much for your time & the opportunity to write to you!

    • Dear Melanie, welcome to you and your friends. It is too soon to know if the pleated skirt will be reordered, but my sense tells me no since it is still avail in all colors and sizes the TN will be returning but not in Fiesta colors… for thought!

  • Wow, when did Louis’s site become a forum for Golda? I think this is very rude to just take over someone’s site like this and post long topics that don’t even pertain to what it was intended for!

  • This forum is titled “Ask Louis.” Can we please stick to fashion?

    • Yes, Maia.

      I apologize, but I just did not want to write on the QVC Community Forum. Was hoping Barbara would see the post and get right back and it would end quickly.

      I can write that my neighbor complimented my Hi-Low Tunic in aqua today.

      Whew! Back to the topic.

      • Goldie76 – I know it was a tad off topic – but I did enjoy reading about your Ancestry.

        • Thanks, Seka, I appreciate your words very much.

          I wouldn’t have sought out Barbara now if Louis was in the midst of a big push of his garments and jewelry. I dared to do this simply because we have a lull at the moment.

          But the Linea Ladies will be back with comments and questions, I am sure.

          You see, I did receive additional insight from “vickybliss.” I was thinking “Ashkenazi” when I should have been thinking “Sephardic,” which, as I wrote, I thought would be the group with whom I most likely share a bit of my DNA. I really love that I have all these strains in me, and now I know that hundreds of years ago there was a lot of movement going on, much like today. Just think what the latest diasporas are doing to the genetic pools all over the world.

          • Just read your posts Goldie. A diversion from fashion to be sure, but interesting none the less. Your posts are always enjoyable and enlightening. It’s a dry period right now, I think LDO might be vacationing. What’s the harm?

            • I agree, 1Jac. Well said.

            • Goldie,

              I’ve always enjoyed your posts, and since I believe you are now retired, I hope you consider starting a blog. There are a lot of Linea Ladies and probably others who would enjoy reading it and discussing a variety of topics. Consider it.


            • I just now saw Goldie’s post to me. In addition to our love for Linea, many of us have discovered we have much else in common and have become friends. Yes, Goldie has swerved for a moment, but I have known her to be unfailingly kind and gracious. We have discussed ancestry before, and I appreciate her reaching out to me. No harm done IMO! Of course it is up to Louis to decide what he wants posted on his blog.

        • I did too Goldie. I do not like rudeness though. I found that comment very distasteful.

        • Are you kidding? A tad off topic! Ridiculous!

        • You have got to be kidding, a tad off topic? Ridiculous!

  • To: Barbara from Virginia

    Louis and everyone visiting this board, please excuse this very public semi-private message to Barbara, but she wrote at length about her lineage in response to a post I had made regarding an analysis of my DNA. Since I find that there are some unfriendly souls on the QVC Community Forum, I am writing to her here. I sincerely hope you don’t mind.

    Many of you have an interest in your ancestry, I am sure, and you might find my experience of interest, too.

    Well, I received my results, and I did have a surprise. I would not have been surprised to receive a result of 100% “Italy/Greece,” as categorizes my primary heritage group, because both sides have been “Greek” nationals (or, at the least living in the region of Modern Greece for generations (or at least for several generations; we do not know much of our past, to be honest). The one thing I did know is that both my maternal grandfather and father (and their immediate forefathers) were from remote, mountainous and very difficult-to-penetrate regions of Greece. My father’s region, Mani, is renowned for its past isolation and inaccessibility.

    Well, I have sifted out as 56% “Italy/Greece”; 18% Europe East; 17% West Asia (think Caucasus and Near East countries); and, the surprise, 6% European Jewish.

    A maternal first cousin (male) had 10% European Jewish in his analysis, and so I am concluding I inherited those genes from my mother’s side. Trying to figure if they came by way of her father or mother, but I don’t know much yet.

    I knew the back of my father’s head and that of his uncle always reminded of the back of the head of Chinese men (even though my father was fair and had crisp, Germanic features), and my body when slim has been described as Asian, so I am not too surprised by the Asia West. China is Asia East, but there is something of the true Asian look in my hair as well.

    I have always had an affinity for Anatolian-sounding music, much to the consternation of my father, who was from the mainland of Greece and felt that Anatolian Greeks were not the real thing, I suppose. My husband’s family were Anatolian Greeks, so there obviously was not a real problem. But I used to play over and over again the Anatolian-sounding songs on albums rather than the mainland Greek songs found on those same albums. My father would ask, “Why do you play those songs and not “our” music?” Now I know why… I just always liked the Anatolian better; they “spoke” to me.

    This has been an interesting study for me in that I better understand how humanity traveled around the globe up to a thousand years ago (Ancestry says these results trace back 1,000 years, and one rep told me that the results reflect pretty much what has occurred in the last 300 years).

    Anyway, that is my understanding of my genetic makeup.

    • Of the 17% Asia West, 10% is Caucasus.

    • The 6% European Jewish is probably common to many Greeks (and other middle eastern people as well) because “more than 150,000 Spanish Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition, many to the Ottoman Empire.” Still today there are Jews in the middle east that speak 14th century Spanish.

      • vickybliss, thank you for this information. The only thing is that says that the “European Jewish” category represents Ashkenazi Jews. Weren’t the Jewish people who fled the Spanish Inquisition Sephardic Jews? To be honest, before I read’s statement on “European Jewish” (below), I thought that my European Jewish was probably Sephardic. My thoughts are in line with yours.

        Interestingly (at least to me) is that my first trip to Greece was out of NYC. I was travelling alone (to be met by relatives upon arrival) and chatted with my seatmates. Oddly enough, the woman’s name was Goldie and her husband was Myron (or something similar). They spoke with others on the flight, and many of the passengers seemed to know one another. Thinking my fellow passengers were all Greeks (as I knew Greeks, up to that moment), I asked if they were Greek because I was not hearing any Greek names. Goldie answered that the plane was filled with Greek Jews who originated from Thessaloniki, Greece. She then asked if I had ever heard of the Greek Jews of Thessaloniki. Unworldly, I told her that I hadn’t until that moment.

        What wrote:

        The story of your ethnicity lives in your DNA.

        European Jewish History
        The European Jewish region is not geographically defined in the same way as most other ethnic regions. The historic dispersal of the Jewish population from its origin in the Levant on the east coast of the Mediterranean resulted in insular communities scattered throughout Europe, North Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East. Although some Jewish communities enjoyed positions of relative peace and prosperity, many more were segregated from mainstream society by law, custom and prejudice, experiencing sustained persecution and discrimination. Jewish populations from northern and eastern Europe are often known as “Ashkenazi.” “Sephardic” refers to Jews who were expelled from Spain during the Inquisition and mostly settled in North Africa and southeastern Europe.

        • On second thought, I may have misread this passage from I just assumed the Eastern Europe part of my heritage was the “European Jewish” side, but I can very easily be Sephardic from my southeastern Europe side. Probably more likely, too, considering my coloring.

          Thank you, vickybliss, for causing me to revisit the passage.

          • The Jews of Thessaloniki (Salonica) were Sephardic. Goldie on my flight might have been a distant relative. I just read this:

            The city of Salonica was once the center of Sephardi religious and cultural life, and Jewish intellectual life in general, and once boasted such cultural institutions as a Judeo-Spanish theater, press, secular literature and music. The city virtually ground to a stop on Saturday, the Jewish Shabbath. But most survivors today of Greek Sephardic descent believe that the Ashkenazim, the Jews of Eastern and Central Europe, have marginalized their suffering. They believe that their experiences have been treated as an afterthought by academics and organizations, most notably Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem, Israel, and the New York-based Claims Conference. Both have cited numerous sources to prove otherwise.

            The Jewish community of Salonica flourished for many centuries. As late as 1912, they were the largest ethnic group in the city. But in 1917, a great fire ravaged much of Salonica, and left the Jews fragmented and impoverished. With the advent of Greek nationalism and the resettling of Orthodox Christians in Greece in 1923, Salonica’s Jews began to feel increasingly marginalized. Before the two world wars, periodic outburts of anti-semitism occurred, such as the translation into Greek of the famed forgery, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in 1928. Its possible that some 20,000 to 25,000 Jews left the city before World War II erupted.

        • I apologize for taking up more real estate here, but I want to explain that the reason I was expecting all Greeks on my flight was that the group tour was arranged by a company that was owned by Greeks and catered to Greeks. Therefore, for that era, I was expecting the aircraft to be filled with the sort of Greeks I had known up to then.

          Barbara might be away and perhaps someone should write about fashion at this point. Slow afternoon, no new Linea fashions, but I have taken too much space. Sorry!

  • Love all the new clothing and jewelry, they are all classic and classy, but can you please bring in more knee length pencil skirts to go with all of these glorious tops,light weight for gauze, wk etc Thank you!

    • Dear Debby.?..I want you to know that every season I submit sketches for pencil skirts, but none have been chosen. It’s not because I don’t believe in them or want them!

      • So sorry to hear that! Your pencil skirts are the best , they are shaped beautifully,stretch, look elegant and wear so well- I have at least 6! Ladies who want skirts – lets help the buyers chose them by writing in and showing our support – the skirts always sell out, so I know there are lots more pencil skirt loving women are out there! Thanks again Louis!

  • Nancy (aka TheOwl)

    When are all these glorious new colors due?

    • They are for Q1….which is Jan. Feb and March, don’t know yet which styles are for which months.

      • Nancy (aka TheOwl)

        Thanks Louis. Guess my waitlist order is pointless then. I’ll have to cool my excitement for the 3 colors of the button-front stand collar tunic and the 2 colors in the long cardigan until 2018 😊

  • A267883 is the number of that color block cardigan

  • Hi Louis would you consider making a solid color (like navy)of the whisper knit cardigan in the same length as the whisper knit color block cardigan from Aug of 2015 for us short people ??Please

  • Hi Louis,
    Can you tell us what color pool is? I assume it is in the blue family.


  • New colors posted on waitlist for the stand collar gauze tunic (pale lilac, navy, white), the crinkle gauze safari shirt (steel gray, rhubarb, dark olive), and the long whisper knit sweater (pale pink and navy). I hope remembered them all,but go and see. You already know about the ponte pants. I am loving these new colors. I hope we don’t have to wait too long!!

  • Love the 3 new ombré tops! The jewel tones really look fantastic on me. I think the plum is the best!

  • Louis,
    I apologize for asking this again. I didn’t catch your answer ,as I was gone.
    Is the frosted necklace, earring sets that are shown with the Plum ombre hi low top, coming back?
    By the way, I’m loving my Plum top. I’ve already worn it twice. Once when I had a performance on my harp. Worn with rhinestone jewelry and flowing very dark plum colored palazzo’s.Looked really nice next to my ebony harp

  • Louis, I love the celadon ombre tunic! I’m wearing it today to cheer me up in the midst of all the gray weather we’ve been having with tropical storm Cindy. I am wearing it today with A255669, the draped v-neck cardigan you did in seafoam a few years back. This was the one in a soft knit that had tiny flecks in it. It looks great with the celadon ombre! This is one of the reasons why I love your collections. They build so many options into a gal’s wardrobe over the years. I so enjoy A255669 and regret that I only managed to get 2 colors before it sold out in my size (grey and seafoam). But, I treasure the two I have. That is a style I’d like to see return.

  • Oh, I forgot to mention…the plum/grape ombré top color is SPECTACULAR. Thank you so much!

  • Louis, I just ordered, on wait list, my first pair of the ponte pants. Did the Q say they will restock the other colors and sizes?

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