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This section is dedicated to and for anyone who would like to post a question or comment on anything so I may give some feedback and hopefully help in anyway possible. Please make sure all comments and questions are done courteously in respect of not only myself but all who view this blog.

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  • Please post the item numbers for the Etruscan pieces. I’m “making my list and checking it twice.”

  • Dear Louis,

    Besides the midi dress, which I don’t have, and the turtleneck, will there be other items coming in the Port? I love the deep dark richness of the color.


  • Do I see new colors in the WK swing sweater (A259620) ? Maybe I missed them before, but I don’t think i would have missed forest green. I see camel, forest green and dark cherry. Anyone know if these are new? I’m getting that green to add to the 8 or 10 I already own . I hope they are new colors or I am losing my touch !!

  • Hi Louis,

    I hope this message finds you doing well.
    I have been thinking about purchasing the chocolate cuff however, I do not have any other chocolate jewelry. Will you have any in your jewelry show? If not, I’m thinking I could mix it with gold.

    Please let me know your thoughts. 😀

    Thank you,

  • Nancy (AKA TheOwl)

    So far Louis, you have cagily revealed only that the long WK skirt coming this fall will be in Black and in Blackberry. I’m not asking you to reveal more than you want to, but asking only, will there be other colors in this skirt besides these two colors?

    • No Nancy, they bought 2 colors in the pant and two in the skirt.the skirt is not coming in black. It’s coming in Charcoal Heather grey as my other WK.

      • Dear Louis,
        That is wonderful news! Love both colors, especially the charcoal grey! That’s my go-to alternative to black. I’ll be getting both skirts and will look forward to other pieces in the blackberry. Looks like a rich, gorgeous color. Would you share what else is coming in blackberry? Thank you!

      • Nancy (aka TheOwl)

        Thank you Louis for the heads up. Very excited for the heather grey! Both colors are mine as soon as they post. I do have 2 of the black already so I’m thrilled for these two new colors. On the jewelry show, I can’t wait for the bead necklace in silver and bracelet and earrings. It’s my must have but after you sneak peek the Russian gold may loudly call me. And who knows what else? I’ve got the gold cuff in process. Missed that last time 😊 Missed the dress also – at a family reunion. Thanks again for all the beauty.

  • Winter Floral Blouse–of course each color is breathtaking. What is it made of please? Many thanks. XO

  • Hi Louis,
    Will any of the new print blouses look good with the ivy pants? Will there be any petite pants in berry to go with the new berry blouse?

  • Hi Louis question for you Are you planning any more items in celedon for the future?

  • Dear Louis…

    As a retired woman who still loves to look beautiful, I wanted to thank you for the lovely line of summer clothes you created this year…love, love, love the crepes and the scrumptious summer colors! Please don’t stop creating beautiful things. I am a fan and customer of many years.

  • A few years ago, you did a boucle cardigan and matching scarf. I believe you styled the green cardigan with the original India pendant from your personal collection. I’ve remembered that pendant ever since. Hopefully, I’ll be fast enough to get one of my own! Your Linea Ladies really do study and remember how you style your clothing and appreciate the opportunity to have the finishing pieces!

  • Dear Louis,

    I recall that you had an interest when I sent you a link to the closing of Saks Jandel last year. Because I think anyone who has an interest in fashion and its direction — as well as how retail outlets stay relevant — has an abiding interest in this news, I am posting the link to a hopeful article about Rizik’s, another D.C. multi-generational store that, I am certain, you know. Their news is good. They are out there recreating themselves. As the article says, we all need a makeover time to time and so do businesses.

  • I just got the midi dress in navy. Love it. Even though I’m 5’1” I can’t wear petites because I’m so long waisted. I will shorten it and want to know what a midi length will be. I remember midi’s the first time around and think it should just cover the calf. Am I correct?

    Great dress; great price. I knew I’d have to shorten it (and sleeves) but don’t mind. I had a perfectly groomed aunt who taught me about alterations.

  • Louis- Eagerly awaiting-like everyone else-your long overdue jewelry show.
    My question is-will your jewelry repair center take care of any repairs
    on your new items-india pendant,etruscan pieces,etc? PS received pink
    flutter shirt yesterday. Winner! I’m going to go on WL for the black. Thanks.

  • Did you see A287620, the blue floral boho skirt, in the StyleWatch June/July 2017 edition p113?

    • LoveJackets, what page of the magazine is the skirt on? I own the blue floral boho and appreciate that you pointed this out!

    • That’s pretty cool.I’m not familiar with this magazine. Is it a subscription?

      • Yes, it’s available on subscription. I usually pick a the magazine at my local grocery.

      • Hi Louis
        Besides the blue bell boho skirt, your pink baseball jacket is shown on page 28.

        • what is this magazine?….is it a QVC publication?

          • I was walking by the Neiman Marcus windows on Michigan Avenue in Chicago last night. Alexander McQueen’s label did a green, looked like silk, baseball jacket very similar to yours with a similar ethic pattern placed exactly where you placed yours. It was priced at the bargain basement price of $3,795.00. I was wearing yours in black. All of my friends liked yours better.

            • Joanne, that just goes to show you what ridiculous mark ups there are on Designer apparel. Let’s sat the difference in the fabric cost was $800, very unlikely, but let’s say it was, now double that to $1600…..Where do they come up with an almost $4000 price, because I’m assuming the price you quoted is before tax.I’m sure mine is prettier too. I’ve seen lots of baseball jackets, not nearly as pretty at ridiculous prices.

          • Louis,

            I believe that StyleWatch magazine is published by the same group that publishes InStyle magazine. You may still be able to find a copy, as it appears to have been the July 2017 edition. The magazine is sold at all of the same locations as InStyle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and the like.


        • No, that’s not Louis’s jacket.

          • This was re the page 13 reference in the magazine. It’s a similar style, but not our Linea jacket. Look at the band at the bottom.

            • Yvette you are correct. It sure looked like pink baseball jacket. Louis’s did not have the striped material at the bottom.

  • OMG. Louis – just had to tell you that I wore my pink flutter sleeve new top last night to a party at the country club with a pair of Bob Mackie wide leg pants and two sets of black faceted beads and black bracelet. Women and men and my husband commented that I looked “lovely. Thanks for designing such a great style top. And, yes, I would buy more if other colors were ever made available. Thus would be a great holiday top.

  • Sorry to post this question again, but I’m hopeful for your thoughts.
    August 7, 2017 at 9:21 PM
    Louis: About 10 years ago you did a fabulous tunic acrylic sweater -A72849. I had both colors-green and black. The sweater had cross stitch embroidery down the front and at bottom of bell sleeves. I still have the green one (the dog damaged the black one), but have targeted it for charity as it’s too big (I’ve lost 50 lbs since). My favorite part of the sweater was the ribbed neck which was a cross between a cowl and a turtleneck. It hid all the neck without being constricting and framed the face. I know embroidery may not be doable given QVC’s budget, but I would love to see the neckline repeated. Any chance? I also love the acrylic- snagged 2 of the new cardigans.

  • Louis… I apologize if you’ve already answered this question. Will you be providing us with sneak peeks of your new jewelry before your August 25th show like you’ve given us on your clothing line? As you can see, I’m looking forward to your jewelry show.

  • I got the remainder of the celedon items I ordered last week–which include the gauze sleeveless tank and open cardigan, the celedon ombre tunic and the WK sleeveless TN, as well as the pants in elm. I am delighted with all. It also reminded me I had a short sleeve shell and V-neck tweed knit sweaters from several years ago. Got them out, and they go beautifully with my new things. I am thrilled to assemble mix and match wardrobe pieces which are chic and beautiful. It truly pays to save items, because often new pieces come out to make great outfits. Looking forward to wearing them together.


  • Hi Louis when will the trouser socks be available I ordered all three as soon as the posted but my order is still on waitlist. I almost passed on the flutter sleeve blouse until I saw Antonella in the pink looking gorgeous and representing us larger size gals my husband also nudged me to order it as well (LOL), so I immediately ordered the black and it is absolutely lovely and so comfortable and slimming. I’ve already posted my review and on the Linea forum.

  • Louis, is there any chance you know when item A287617 (the gauze crepe stand collar) will arrive? I am on back order, but am afraid it will run out before I get them. Thanks so much for being so patient with all of our questions.

  • Hi Louis
    When will you be offering your midi skirts? I think you indicated they would be in whisper knit. Can you share the colors with us?
    Thank you

  • Thank you for the suggestions about my black Aztec necklace which I sent to RI for repair. Goldie suggested that it took a while for her check to be cashed. So I waited and it just arrived in a Linea box wrapped in tissue and good as new. I am so happy. Louis I am keeping that address with my will and other important papers.

    • Dear Beryl…..I am very happy that I have the facility right here in America to do this for you. If we had to send it back to China it wouldn’t happen. I’m glad you have your Aztec necklace back. Wear it in good health!

      • My Azrec necklace just broke, too. I know the secret is to not let them intertwine, NOW! So I see the conversation about the repair, but do I send it to the Smithfield RI address for repair? Who to make the check out to and is it $7.50? love both necklaces, though…….. Thanks for any help. It also didn’t get much to break the time gold chain!

        • Repairs Department
          C/O TCJC LLC
          3B Industrial Drive
          Smithfield, RI 02917

          check of $7.50 to TCJC LLC

          state you are a QVC customer and the problem, “broken chain”, and your return address.

          • Thank you so much. I have so much of your jewelry AND clothes. I’ve never had any problems until this one. Luckily, I have the partner necklace to wear until other repaired! I’ve never been one to comment , but read all of your entries. I’ve learned a lot, and have been tipped off as to what is coming online! I started with your animal print tie jacket years ago and followed you ever after. I am always amazed by the fit and quality of what I order . I just received your dress and the tape zipper cardigan with mink WK turtleneck to match. Your slim leg pants are the most amazing fit and look anywhere. I wear a small to medium in most of your things. I hope you get enough pleasure bringing us new things and dealing with QVC to not retire!

  • FYI – The Fabulous Wire Cuff is back in stock – J335214. All four colour options are available! I have these Cuffs – they are Gorgeous!

  • Hi Louis. I received the black Midi Dress today in the xxs and I love it! It’s roomy so I’ll belt it or maybe take it in a little. I answered a question that was asked in re to the dress and reviewed it at the same time. I’m going to stalk the port color. Perhaps, in the future you would consider making the midi dress in a mock or turtleneck (if QVC is smart enough and reorders the dress) in any fabric. Can’t wait till the jewelry show. I think you and Jac should plan to leave the QVC studio early that night. Hopefully, everything will sell out quickly. I was glad to hear that your girls are being taken care of with someone you are very happy with (I do ‘t know if that is proper English but…). Stay well and regards as always.


    If you have longed for the ideal dress that is both chic in the highest fashion sense and is also artful when covering any flaws, there is one at QVC. I received my two Scoop Neck Midi dresses in petite and am experiencing sheer joy over how they make me look.

    I look slim, lean and longer. I look as though I know a thing or two about fashion. I see the potential for using these dresses as the background for much of my fabulous Linea jewelry and my beautiful scarves. In its simplicity, with its perfect-weight and soft-feel fabric, this dress, I believe, realizes every designer’s and every fashionista’s dream. This one is a blockbuster. If more colors are not offered in the future, QVC will be missing an easy gravy train to hop aboard.

    • Dear Louis,

      I just want to add to the chorus and chime in with my praise of the midi dress. As Goldie says so well, it is a dress to love. The fit is absolute perfection and since I’m a big fan of the moss crepe, I knew the beautiful texture & drape I’d be getting. Gorgeous in every way and I’m feeling pretty lucky right now having ordered all three colors before they sold out!

      I hope everything related to sales & returns trends towards a reorder next year with new colors, like alabaster, celadon, smoke grey, coral…We are dreaming of reorder colors in the forum already! This is a dress to collect in many colors. Thank you, Louis, for delivering the perfect dress for just about everybody!

      • Dear Grace…..happy to hear all three dresses worked out for you. I would hesitate doing a dress in the pale colors you suggest. I think it would show the body more then darker colors. I think a smoke grey would be beautiful and work well.

        • Dear Louis,
          Makes perfect sense, considering the fabric. I’m learning little by little! I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever colors this dress comes in next. I’ve worn the navy out to lunch with friends and got many compliments, which only happens when I wear Linea!

  • I’ve been looking and looking at your sleeveless TN, but I know it just wouldn’t look right on my neck and face. Will you be bringing some WK sleeveless mockneck tops out. I checked out one by D&Co. but the neck looks pretty much like a crew neck. That’s not what I have in mind. I’m always the hot person in the room, so a sleeveless model would be great for me and others like me, I’m sure.

    • Pat, I hope you don’t mind my jumping in before Louis replies…but I purchased the sleeveless TN (in every color) and I can easily roll down the TN into a mockneck without it looking or feeling bulky. I’ve worn it both ways. Just wanted you to know my experience with it, in case it could help you in the meantime.

      • Grace, thanks for the info. My neck isn’t very long, and I’m worried about it making me look like a bowling ball sitting there.

    • Dear Pat, nothing is planned right now.

  • Louis, Louis, Louis!

    You have out done it on these beautiful winter white pants.A268216. They feel heavenly! Almost like a matte satin. I FINALLY have the perfect winter white pants, that I will be proud to wear. I will however , need to hem them up as I am just kissing the petite length. That’s okay though, because of the straight leg. Very easy too do. I’ll keep the style and use a twin needle to hem them up.
    Can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have my winter white pants after years of searching for perfection. Only you could deliver!!

    • I also purchased the lovely winter white pantsA268216. They are substantive and so well tailored. I purchased last summer a beautiful Armani Collezioni lovely winter white blazer. The Linea winter white pants are the perfect match along with the Linea jersey winter white tank. I also need to shorten the pants, but it will be an easy hem to fix. I agree Shari the winter white pants are perfection!

  • Dear Louis,

    I have a question: How long will asymmetrical hems be in style?

    Today I got the Mock Neck Swing Cardi in cherry! I love it! I prefer it unzipped, the way one of the models was wearing it in the video, with the black dress. I also received the dress in navy and love the way it feels. The port pants, and another black turtle neck. Thank you!


    • Dear Celia….let me just say that QVC has asymmetric hems on their
      Must Have” list for next Spring 2018. I see them being around for quite a while. I like the options a designer has with asymmetric hems, high/low hems etc. It gets very boring when everything is cut straight across…….and that isn’t always flattering.I continue to see them in a prevalent way on the runways……

  • Good Morning,
    My beautiful dresses were delivered yesterday to me in suburban Chicago. I can’t believe the fast shipping. They are perfection! At 5’4″, I fretted over whether to order petite or regular. As Jeanne Bice used to say, “I’m not petite, I’m short.” I went with the regular XL and am so pleased I did. It is a little longer than midi, but I am very happy with the length. Since I have narrow shoulders, I was worried about the wide scoop, but it is perfect. I think it actually makes my shoulders look wider and balances my pear shaped body.
    Now, for outerwear to wear with my lovely long dresses. I ordered the dresses in navy and black. I own the trenches in both navy and black. Is it okay to wear the knee length trenches with the longer length dresses?

    Thanks for another winner! Looking forward to more skirts and dresses in longer lengths.

  • OH NO …. I was able to purchase your new cardi (A294607) in both Dark Cherry and Mauve. The package was in my office when I came in this morning and am about to rip it open! I MISSED your MIDI DRESS…. I can’t stand that I missed that. Do you expect to be brining it back? PLEASE SAY YES… the people who already received it are RAVING!!!!! Thanks so much. Would also like to see your midi or longer heavy WK skirts in various colors. I have 12 from years ago and wear them almost every day!

    • Dear nyc1….I think you know the answer to your own question……If the dress does well, and by that I mean few returns, because we already know it is almost sold out. If you are an xxs there is a dress left. It takes 3 months for the return info to settle, and then they decide if they will reorder for next year. In the 17 years I have been at the Q, only once did they reorder a style immediately and that took 4 months to get in, but that piece completely sold out in 3 minutes with a huge wait list. So don’t expect it back any time soon. Probably next year at this time if it does get reordered.

      • THANKS SO MUCH… will go onto QVC and leave them a LOVE NOTE, requesting this dress. I’m an XS or S, so I’m out of luck. Oh, and as I am most days… I’m in all Louis today, except for the shoes! Short deep yellow WK zippered top with zippers on the cuffs, cream WK crew neck sweater and black long WK skirt…. already rec’d 2 compliments and it’s only 6AM! Did pink and gray Linea yesterday… and who knows what combination for Friday! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your gorgeous clothes.

  • I love the india prints tops and have all three….I went down a size and was worried they wolud be too small but they are perfect fit. I ordered port and black in new midi dress and I have so many toppers to use with both….Ordered pink and black in new flutter sleeve and all shipped fast so will be here soon…I almost did not order the black midi but then remembered I have several toppers from long ago as those dresses they went with became to short for when I sat down.. sure gad I saved them…..MORE dresses please especially in blue….

  • I have counted 11 ombre tunic colors, but I could have missed one. These are special tunics and I have doubles in my favorite colors because I wear them so much. You talk in the show about TN that we can wear with them. The celadon TN for the celadon, the black TN for the alabaster, a wine TN for the strawberry. What color TN would you suggest for the coral, plum and blueberry? Thank you

    • What ever color looks best with the bottom….I’m thinking wine. Plum may be too purple I would think my Aubergine would look good if you have it.

      • I was hoping for (3)suggestions: one for each of three colors: the coral, plum and blueberry. I assume that you are suggestion of Aubergine for the coral. I really can’t tell what the coral’s bottom color is. We so appreciate you answering our questions.

  • Dear Louis,

    I’m sure this has been asked and answered a time or two, but I’d like to know if the silver fish necklace is coming back this month (or ever). Thank you. I hope you and Jac are well.

    • Just to be clear, I’m asking specifically about the single fish necklace in silver. Altho, I’d be happy with the school of fish in silver, too. Are either coming back in silver? Thanks.

      • Dear Madame….the answer is No….Because the silver wasn’t reordered right away the planners killed the style number. They did they with the gold fish also. So,,,if I want to bring the silver fish back I have to find out ,1- id I can bring it back with just an eye color change or do I have to do it in a different silver plating color under a different style #?

        • Thank you for the prompt reply. What a pain it must be to deal with some of the “stuff” at the Q. I vote for an eye color change, which might just be quicker and less of a pain for all of us! How could they not reorder this in silver for pete’s sake! It seems a no-brainer to me.

  • Louis: About 10 years ago you did a fabulous tunic acrylic sweater -A72849. I had both colors-green and black. The sweater had cross stitch embroidery down the front and at bottom of bell sleeves. I still have the green one (the dog damaged the black one), but have targeted it for charity as it’s too big (I’ve lost 50 lbs since). My favorite part of the sweater was the ribbed neck which was a cross between a cowl and a turtleneck. It hid all the neck without being constricting and framed the face. I know embroidery may not be doable given QVC’s budget, but I would love to see the neckline repeated. Any chance? I also love the acrylic- snagged 2 of the new cardigans.

  • Received three of the five sleeveless wk t/n sweaters I ordered. Fit and quality is your usual superb standard! A quick glance through my closet found the celedon matches perfectly with the marigold tile skirt Purchased an additional two in black as thiis item will be a year round staple for the San Francisco Bay Area. Thank you for the classic, high quality and timeless basics!

    • Wow Dana…it works with the tile print skirt! One of my all time favorite prints!

      • Mine, too! I had all three color ways of those tops. After losing weight, my mom and sisters are now enjoying many, many pieces of my former Linea wardrobe — including these tops. I would love to see these return. The print was fabulous and the cut was perfection!

        • That Marigold print skirt is the easiest thing I have ever had in my wardrobe. I have worn my turquoise tunic, orange linen, aqua feather print, and your brown henley style blouse–always comfortable and looks great!


  • Good Morning,

    I’m wondering if the raspberry whisper knits and pea coat look good with the wine pants. I’m glad Judy said the currant color block cardigan looks good with the wine pants. I’m trying to find an “excuse” to get those wine pants!

    Thank you!

    • With the arrival of my wine pants, that is one thing I checked. There is a definite difference with raspberry being more pink and wine being more brown. Wine does go well, perhaps a match, with Louis’s aubergine. I have the aubergine leather jacket with knit sleeves and they are perfect! I will also wear the wine with an oatmeal whisper k it and lots of other things.

    • As Judi said, the raspberry is too pink to go with the wine.

  • Louis I just received the super ponte knit pants in wine along with the color block cardigan in current and they coordinate beautifully. Hoping for more celadon ?? Anything will do!

  • I am going to purchase your wine super ponte boot cut pants. Is last winter’s v neck whisper knit swing sweater in wine a match. I love monochromatic dressing.

  • I just submitted this report to QVC for the inappropriateness of the one review on the mock neck swing cardigan. Hard to believe that bogus report is still sitting there!

    “The reviewer is reporting on an item that she did not receive (not enough time for that to have happened) and is even more egregiously and illogically criticizing it from the point of view of CONJECTURE. I could guess a negative outcome for each and every item on QVC and post it, with the end result killing sales a little. However, if I did not have the item — or if I did and nothing negative had occurred yet — my review would not be valid.”

    This review should be removed at once.

    • My closing comma should have been placed after the word “once,” which appears at the end of my report. My mind — where is it?

      • Hey Goldie…..I put commas everywhere! Jac always says to me I must have skipped the grammar classes. I call it creative writing…LOL

      • Goldie76 – Somehow I think you mean “closing quotation marks”.

        • OMG, Seka, you are sooo right. I have much on my mind (extreme worries) and am not all plugged in. Thank you so much for pulling back from the brink.

          (Getting there, folks. I do not deal well with sad and frightening things, such as I have going on now.)

          • …for pulling ME back from the brink…

            I better get off before I have another goof!

          • Goldie76 – You’re the best! When dealing with such matters – i try to stay focused, stay grounded and stay calm. We are stronger than we think. My best wishes to you.

            • Thank you, Seka. I appreciate your wisdom and advice. It is very complicated because of certain issues, but I’m doing my best to do the right thing at every turn.

  • LDO–your cute new zip front cardigan has the most ridiculous one star “review” that has nothing to do with the actual garment. 47 people have reported this as being unhelpful and inappropriate. Are you able to speak to QVC about this and ask them to remove it? Ordinarily I would never even suggest that a bad review be removed as long as it was relevant to the actual product. For example someone doesn’t like your new flirty sleeve blouse and while I think one star is a bit shrewish, at least she detailed why this was not a good top for her body. In the other case, where it has nothing to do with one’s experience with the garment (which clearly she has not even purchased), it just seems unfair.

    • I agree. I just flagged it as being unhelpful and just reported it as being inappropriate.

      • I also flagged it as inappropriate.

        • I flagged it as well and explained why it was inappropriate. I find the same thing happens with recipes on the internet. People will give a recipe a poor review (or a good one) without even trying it. Not helpful!!

    • Dear Kate…..I always read reviews. I stay off the forum for obvious reasons, but the reviews I do read. When the criticisms are valid, good or bad, I think it’s important to know. I will report that particular review. In plain English it was just stupid…..There, now I’ve said it. As for the other review on the Antoinette blouse I thought the review was ridiculous. She admits that she “5 FEET TALL and CHUNKY”, and expects clothes to look on her as they do on the models!!!??? Really, These clothes are not made for petite proportions. Not my fault if the buyers don’t buy petites, and she’s an extreme example. To give one star because it looks bad on her shows me this person has no clue as to what is appropriate for her body type. I’m sorry if I’m not being PC, but sometimes I read the the most ludicrous things, and always keep my lips sealed, but this time I just have to stick up for myself. I should take my clues from Obama and keep quiet….but these flippant reviews do hurt the product, and it’s potential for being reordered.

      • I agree with you, Louis. These kinds of reviews are not helpful to those who are genuinely interested in your clothes.

        • The reason it bothers me is because she can easily turn off another petite person who is her height from buying it, but may not have her body. Case in point, Antonella! She is 5’2″ and looked truly wonderful in the blouse. Antonella will be the first to say she is far from a perfect body. However, she liked herself in it so much that she wanted to buy it for her jewelry show presentations, but I think her size sold out before she could.I am the first person to say “step out of the box and try something new”, but even I know what my limitations are. There are lots of clothes that I would love to wear, and once was able to, but I know what won’t work for me at all.

          • Your comments are so valid. Just because the blouse doesn’t flatter that particular person’s body, it is absurd to bring down the overall rating with a one star review. I’m glad they posted the video with Antonella wearing the blouse because she looks so good in it. I hope other petite ladies will see Antonella and give the blouse a try.

      • I fully agree with you, Louis. This is not something to remain mum about. Sometimes we need to act, and this was one of those moments for action. We never know when a courageous act will change things for the better.

      • I not only reported the review as inappropriate but I registered a complaint about the review. As I have said, your ladies have always and will always have your back! Hope the weather isn’t too bad. It’s yucky in NY. Enjoy the rest of your day. Regards as always and thank Jac again.

        • Dear Mimi…..this morning the weather here on the South Facing Shore of Ct. was pretty brutal, so Jac and I decided to go and see “Dunkirk, which was great. When we got out the skies cleared, and it isn’t nearly as humid. I think tonight will be a windows open night without air conditioning!

      • Could not agree more. QVC clothes (most clothes) are cut for the “average” height and build. And, she knows that. Glad you are going to report the sweater review.

      • Dear Louis,
        Your certainly don’t have to be PC on your own website! You’re among friends (fans!) here. I also reported that ridiculous review, and the dumb Antoinette blouse review, too. Anyone who actually reads the review would see that these reviewers are not reasonable, but since it affects the star rating it needs to be REMOVED. Glad to hear that you’re going to stick up for yourself.

        • Dear Yvette, I always believe I have to take the high road, and it would be inappropriate of me to criticize a customer no matter how wrong I think they are. Everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how I feel, but these remarks crossed the line.

  • In mid July I took my black Aztec necklace to the UPS store to be packaged and sent to RI.I enclosed a letter with all the information and a check. My check has not been cashed and of course I do not have the necklace. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • Have you tried calling the company and asking them?

    • Beryl, The UPS store would have given you a receipt with the UPS tracking #. Use the tracking # to see if the package even left that store and if the package was delivered to the jewelry manufacturer. You’ll then know who to follow-up with. Good luck — I hope you locate your beautiful necklace.

    • Beryl, if I recall correctly, when I used this company for repairs, they took a very long time to cash my check. In fact, it may have been cashed right before my repaired necklace was returned to me. Also, this is summertime, and the personnel who do repairs might be out.

    • Dear Beryl…..first, as Jane suggests, find out from the tracking # if it arrived. There is a very small staff of people at this location. It is used mainly for shipping purposes. It used to be a production facility, but those days are gone. They still maintain a small group to do repairs, so give it time, as they may be on vacation as Goldie mentioned. If you don’t here soon, and you know it has been delivered, give them a call. You have the name and address, so you can google them for the phone #. Ask for the repairs department….Let me know how it works out.

  • Hi Louis,
    I enjoyed seeing you and Jac on QVC two days in a row. I wish we could see even more of you.
    I’m looking forward to receiving my bell sleeve blouses and moss crepe midi dresses.
    I saw this Valentino dress when shopping with a friend of mine: I wondered if you had been drinking from the same spring of inspiration for your bell sleeve blouse. I love them both but so glad your blouse is more reasonably priced.
    I’m looking forward to your jewelry show!

  • Louis

    I love your clothes they are a perfect fit and the quality is great. I have been looking for year to reorder # A267874 from QVC and there are limited sizes. Are you going to bring that item back this fall. When should I start looking for it I don’t want to miss it before it gets sold out.

    Thank you
    Laraine Hunter

    • Dear Laraine…..a sure sign a style won’t be coming back or reordered is when it goes on clearance. They can bring it back at full price once it has been marked down… no this top will not be reordered. Whatever is left will be the final quantities.

      • Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me if you have a silhouette that is the same cut as #a267874. Even if is somewhat different if the cut is the same
        I would order several because it is such a flattering top.
        Thank you
        Laraine Hunter

  • I’m so happy to see some of the wonderful new fashions! You are the first person I turn to for a few pieces to refresh my wardrobe every season. I would like to make a request – Years ago, one of my first Louis purchases from QVC was an embroidered bell sleeve turtleneck. The embroidery was on the bell sleeve and was very, very similar to the floral embroidery on the embroidered baseball jacket which I purchased in black in the spring. I wore that turtleneck all the time, and it lasted for years. I think with both embroidery and bell sleeves trending now, it would be a perfect piece to have. Would you ever consider bringing it out of the vault??? Mine was in chocolate brown. It was exquisite. I would love to have another!!

    • Dear Wendela….I remember it well, and yes, I would consider doing something like it again.

      • I still have my bell sleeve embroidered one and still wear it. I would love to see the coat you did with similar embroidery brought back too. Any chance??

        • I’m afraid if I did that same coat or something similar it would be over $200. QVC would never go for it.

          • Every once in a while, that coat shows up on ebay. I have four of them- moss green, brown, ivory and red. I took the brown one as my overcoat on a European river cruise, and everybody on the cruise could not stop admiring it. I’m keeping my eye out for the purple one. It could show up, and when it does, I’m on it! I also have the ivory bell sleeved t-neck. Would love another if you bring it back.

  • Hi, I love the whisper knit and thought it would be fabulous in a blanket/throw. Do you ever think you may bring something like that to QVC? I think the ladies would love to cozy up with that. I am fairly new to your line and love everything I have purchased.

    • Dear Mom of 11…….First if your handle is true….God Bless You!…..I’m afraid, since my buyers only buy apparel items, jewelry and hosiery included, a blanket would be a home goods item and we would not be allowed to do it. I know it sounds silly but those are the rules.

  • Hi Louis. I’m sorry to bother you, especially after your stay at QVC but I’m a little lost. I also posted this message on a different page under Berets, please ignore that. Today, I ordered 2 of the new midi dresses and 2 of the mock neck swing cardigans. The problem is, I am having a problem with some of QVC’s sizing of your garments since last year. I usually wear an xs in your tops except the swing sweaters. I returned the sweaters last year because the xs was to big and the colors I wanted were both sold out when I reordered them. I know you dislike offering your opinion with sizing but I am questioning most of my orders now. I’m 5’3, 106lbs, 34D. In the midi dress, do I order a xxs or xs? I always prefer the regular size to the petite. if I have to shorten the item, that’s not a problem. Like Jac, I take a size 6 in your trench coat (I have 3) gorgeous. Everyone should have at least 2. Hope you had an easy ride home and enjoy your weekend.

  • Louis I just posted a review on your A293757 the print tunic I have all three two I received and one on the way I would love to see this in a celadon print ,maybe next year love that color this year!
    thank you for your beautiful designs ,I am an addicted follower

  • I purchased the ivy crepe pants and the celedron tunic. I am pleased with both. Now,I would like to have something to wear over. Maybe a sweater, a cardian etc open to suggestions. Thanks

  • Louis, I managed to get the dress in all 3 colors this morning. But wow – that picture on the Q’s website is one of the worst ever! So glad you do sneak peaks!

    • QVC’s photos are usually terrible. That’s why I posted a photo of Jac in the dress from her Facebook page in the forum. She looks stunning (as usual)! I also purchased all three colors of the midi dress & glad I did before my size sold out. All sizes are pretty much gone!

      • Dear Grace I just looked at the QVC photo…zyxvtadfgs????What the heck. What size did they give her? and those pumps… of my biggest pet peeves. They do absolutely no styling when they took that photo. The photographer must have just shot a toaster or a ladder?!

        • Dear Louis, I can’t imagine what would happen if we had to rely on QVC’s photos alone! And, the pumps…always pumps!? Were it not for your blog and the styled sneak peeks and Jac’s FB photos, we’d all be lost. So, thank you, thank you, for all you do!

          • Dear Grace…..I have to say the only time I like a midi dress without BOOTS is in the summer and you can wear it with sandals wedges, etc. I don’t like bare legs and pumps. I think it’s very OLD looking. I also like an opaque tight and a shoe boot….best all in one color or at least the show and tights in the same color. That’s just a pet peeve of mine….it’s not a rule….LOL…QVC obviously has no stylist doing these photos which I find very surprising since they expect to sell from these photos.

            • Dear Louis, I learned from you to always wear boots with a midi dress (I used to wear opaque tights/flats) and last year, I “invested” in a beautiful pair of pointed toe black suede Stuart Weitzman boots. I’m not a fan of shoe boots, so I stay in my comfort zone! lol. I bet QVC would surely sell more to the casual buyer, who may be unaware of your blog, if they upped their game on the photography. Maybe things will change when they acquire HSN…

            • Dear Grace, I know the boots well, and they are beautiful. I’m pretty sure Jac owns the same ones or something similar from S.W.

  • Louis, I love your clothes and jewelry! I recently went on a Danube river cruise and took mostly your whisper knits. They were perfect for travelling and I got so many compliments. Could you please tell me where I can purchase the braclets that match the long seed bead necklaces that the models wear in the shows?

  • Louis I am a faithful fan…you are the best! I have been wearing your designs since Anne Klein! I am so glad that blazers are coming back! I have most of yours…my favorite is the pinstriped “suit “. I have both black and navy, the cut is excellent!! Bring this back…in solids? Please? I missed your dress A294606!!!! Please bring it back! The black flew out!!

  • I just had to tell you how wonderful the new sleeveless turtlenecks are. I had originally only ordered two and after receiving them I have gone back and ordered all the others. You always talk about how non restricting the neck is and I totally agree. I have never heard you mention it but I do not fold the neck down. I prefer to just scrunch mine to the length I want it. The neck is soft and lays perfect and most of all it stays scrunched and doesn’t get tighter as the day goes on as so many do! I just can’t thank you enough for this perfect layering piece.

    • My only regret is that I wish I had bought 2 in the black sleeveless turtlenecks. This will be my go to piece under so many shirts and sweaters.

  • Hi!! Could you please tell me what color is smoke for the swing turtleneck? Is it black or gray? I’ve called QVC customer service numerous times and they tell me they do not know. When you click on the name and also for Aqua mist and pecan the color does not come up. Thankyou very much!!

  • Please bring back your light cotton printed pants for summer (hope this suggestion isn’t too late for next summer). Those are the best for hot summer days and they have been missing in the last few summer collections. They are the best and the fit was perfect.

    • Dear Kathy…the reason I have not repeated those pants or that fabric is because they did not do well. I frankly couldn’t believe there were complaints that some felt the fabric was too thin and cheap! For me it was the perfect fabric to wear when the temps are in the 80s and 90s . Long story short……they didn’t sell well so I have no plan to repeat them. I am very happy to hear you love them and appreciate why I used that fabric. Who wants to wear anything heavier in the heat?

  • Great shows.. I love the chemistry between you and Antoinella. I’ve been trying to order some items. Is QVC going to replenish their stock of A268137, wk swing turtleneck? I keep trying to get the charcoal in your sweaters but to no avail. Last year, the sizing for me, was off. If not, I’ll order the chocolate. Love, Love, Love (how simple it is but great) the sleeveless turtlenecks.! Stay well.

  • Hi Louis what a fabulous show….again! I was hoping there would be a larger model wearing the new blouse and Antonella looked fabulous in it I hope she brought it, she sold me I ordered the black. I also received my black/white composition jacket, the wine and winter white ponte knit pants (I ordered a back up pair of the winter white) they are perfect now I have all the colors I hope you bring these back in deep green like forest or spruce. I also received the pale celadon sleeveless turtleneck and the color is beautiful still waiting for the other colors to arrive but I am sure I will be pleased. I missed most of the show but I taped it to watch later. I can’t wait for your jewelry show later this month!!!

  • Please, please bring back your 30″ super ponte pants. Have tried the 32″ but way to long. Had to return. Would also love in navy. Thank you.

  • New colors for A268137, the ENR WK swing turtleneck are showing up on Waitlist — Aqua Mist, Pecan, Smoke — and 4 EZ Pays.

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