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This section is dedicated to and for anyone who would like to post a question or comment on anything so I may give some feedback and hopefully help in anyway possible. Please make sure all comments and questions are done courteously in respect of not only myself but all who view this blog.

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  • Louis:

    THANK YOU for bringing American women your beautiful creations at affordable prices. I love your fashions and live in them daily. Where are your Whisper Knit skirts this year???? My favorite “go-to” outfits in the fall/winter are your Whisper Knit skirts and turtlenecks. Miss them!

    Thank you,

    • Louis I woke up early today to watch your show this morning (on my birthday). There isn’t anyone else on the Q I would do that for. I hope you know how much we love your clothing and jewelry. I was flipping out over the new jewelry to come. My closet now is Linea, Linea, Linea. We love you!

  • PS Louis, for the layering under the reefer, my only layering item is your WK sweaters in all of its many iterations. Thanks!

  • Dear All,

    When choosing a coat, ie. the reefer coat, is there a rule of thumb for sizing? For example, do you add 5 inches to the chest measurement to get the specific measurement to look for in choosing a size?
    I am not sure if I am supposed to size up one size above my average jacket size so that it will fit over the Linea turtleneck sweaters?
    Does anyone have any advice? I have not purchased any of Louis’ coats before and don’t know how to gauge between an 8 or a 10? I am wearing a size S in the ENR sweaters.

    many thanks in advice for your help so that I don’t miss out,


    • Dear Debra… really can’t determine what size coat you would need by the size of a WK sweater. I would say you should take the size you would normally wear……unless you really plan to wear bulky clothes under it. When we fit a fall/ winter coat or jacket we fit them TH or an equivelant thickness sweater so we already compensate for a sweater. Our size SM fit model is a small in everything. She doesn’t have to size up to a med. because it’s a coat or jacket…..that sample d everyone’s body shape is different. And that has to be taken into consideration. You should always check the should and bust measurements for a more accurate size. Women with big hips depend more on style then size. They can be small on top and large on the bottom so it’ really does become more about the shape of the garment.

      • Thank you Louis for your help. I am not a pear shape anymore and don’t really have clothing that is too bulky, just want to layer the ENR. I am a true size 8. So, you feel that I should get an 8 as sizing is already built in? I hate to order two and pay all the costs so that I don’t miss out. Also, I fully expect these will be sell out items, as ever.
        By the way, does this fabric have any “stretch” to it to accommodate?

        thanks so much for your guidance!

        • Debra–if I may? I am a small in all things Linea that are not knits. I have the trench coat and the coat from last year, both in size 8. I am 5’7″, 34D bra, 38 hips and the fit is perfection. Fitted but with some ease. the measurement you want to pay attention to is across the back as that’s where you will want some ease to move your arms! I had ordered a 10 and I swam in it! I hope this helps.

  • Hello fellow LLs! FYI the reefer coat and the new sweater are available now for ordering on the Q. I can finally quit stalking. Item numbers are: A297861 and A298054. (I think they have the colors for the cashew and lilac flipped around on the sweater so I ordered by name disregarding the photo.)

  • Louis, I have to have your new blouse A298459. When is it scheduled to be on air? I will be driving from Washington state to Arizona this weekend but will stop for WiFi to order. I am retired and this blouse fits my lifestyle. Love all your clothes. Thank you.

  • Hello Louis,

    A quick question regarding the correct Fawn. Way back in 2011, I’d purchased my first Linea pants, A217972. These fly front slim leg pants (straight leg pant was available also) were offered in black,olive and FAWN. Are the new Fawn items the same color or just the same name? Obviously it’s been quite awhile so how do the more current colors of Desert Sand in gauze crepe pieces, ie A293748,asymmetrical cardi or A287617 gauze crepe stand collar tunic in Linen compare with the new Fawn,please?

    Also wanted to share with Jac my extreme comfort with a casual shoe made by Oofos. (dot com) I have cronic back issues from an old injury. I found these at last year’s FFANY sale and has been a game changer in my comfort and daily living. Honestly,it’s been remarkable and cannot stress enought what a difference I’ve experienced wearing these. Great support,less pain and I keep a pair with me at all times. There are thongs,a slide, clogs ( I have a gunmetal pair!) and recent introduction of some closed style shoes. Please check for local availability on the site and consider a pair. My day and back are brighter with these on my feet.

    Looking forward to the shows. Do take care and e-hugs to both of you.

    Warm regards…

    • Dear Rochelle….I no longer have the pant you inquired about so I can’t answer that for you….Even though the other colors you mentioned are all in the same light “beige family they are all different………..I will pass along the info to Jac….thanks

  • Does anyone know if the Trapeze necklace was at a lower price 3 weeks ago QVC with their great customer service will honor it and I’d love another. Looking forward to tomorrow show!

  • Hi Louis. LIsa Rinna was wearing your Ribbon Necklace (J331643) while presenting her item #A294466. I have mentioned that she should have stated whose necklace it was but… I go back and forth, trying to figure out if it is the Gold Color or Gunmetal? On her skin it looks a little rose golden but on her top it looks more Gunmetal. I would like to buy that color. Thanks. Regards and hugs to Jac.

  • Louis we are all excited and waiting for our fish to swim up to our doors. The ladies on the blog encouraged me to share this:

    ‘Twas the night before delivery, when all thro’ the house
    Not a lady was stirring, not even a spouse;
    The sweaters and blouses were all hung with care,
    In hopes that UPS man soon would be there;
    The linea ladies were snug in their beds,
    While visions of fish and beads danced in their heads

    • Dear Vickybliss…..I have such talented LL! I hope everyone is pleased with the GP. All must try them on with the clothes. Then’s when they look their best.

  • Will QVC be getting any more of your boot length knit skirts in black, medium? Love it, only wait list of available. Love your clothes, too! Thanks

  • Hi Louis,
    Some exciting news, in February 2018 F.I.T. will have an exhibit “Norman Norell:Dean of American Fashion”!
    Looking forward to it.
    Hi to Jac. See you soon, Elaine

  • Dear, dear Louis,

    I am 100% getting that fawn reefer coat, but also want the Port. I have the trench in the same fabric in burgundy which looks lighter than port. Are they enough different that my husband won’t accuse me of buying the same coat twice? LOL


  • Hi Louis, I purchased the adobe pleated skirt and wear it with the sienna top as well as the Alabaster floral blouse and it looks great.
    Now that it is cooler would you please suggest a color of tights that I could wear with it?

    Thanks, Ginny

    PS. I just returned from 3 weeks in Spain and Portugal and with the exception of three items my entire suitcase was Linea! Everything packs so beautifully and I received many compliments.

  • Hi, Louis,
    Were your trouser socks reordered? If so, when might they arrive?

  • Louis-Looking forward to your shows.Already bought the green patina pieces.
    A question as to the fawn reefer coat-will it coordinate with the light khaki ponte
    pants from a few years ago? Thanks and a sincere wish for Jaq to feel better-we miss
    her on your shows!


    Louis, yesterday I received your “Bead Drop Necklace and Earrings Set” (J321804) in Blue. As I explained in my review, thinking the necklace was simply “a lot of something” with a potential to overpower me, and buying the set for the color and the earrings primarily, I was stunned to find out that the necklace had an attribute not recognized by me until seeing it in person. It is so exotic. Really, you feel as though you are wearing a fantastic treasure from a bygone empire. Here is my 5-star review:

    ” Yesterday I received this necklace in the Blue. That particular shade is what finally persuaded me to buy this necklace, not to mention the coordinating earrings, which were my primary desire. Deep down, I suspected this necklace would be nothing more than an overdone piece suitable for someone who did not mind having an exaggerated necklace around her neck. Was I ever wrong! This necklace is exotic-looking, a vibe that I did not pick up on by seeing it online or on the models. It’s a truly stunning neck adornment that has been underrated, in my opinion. As for the color Blue, it is all I hoped it to be, and those earrings will go so well with my Linea floral crinkle cut shirt and tank. What a find! Really, if you are one the ladies who love to emit a whiff of the exotic, this one is for you. I am only 5′ 2″ at this time in my life, but the necklace does not overpower me (perhaps because of my coloring of light-skinned brunette – ‘brunettish’). “

  • Is there a difference in the body of swing midi dress (A297859) in the petite and (A297856) in regular? What is skirt length difference? The wk pants was three inches(28″ and 31″inseam). Looking forward to the show.

    • I honestly don’t know…The petites fittings are done at QVC

      • Thank for taking time to answer my question. I’m wondering what Jac would look like in the petite. It probably would look like a very different dress. Hopefully you can show a regular and a petite next to each other. I think some women would buy both: different lengths for different occasions. Again thank you for your graciousness.

        • vickybliss – it might be of some help to check the measurements for the previous Midi Dress that came in Reular and Petite sizes – A294606 and A294711 – it would at least give you the difference in lengths.

          • I would say the lengths should be similar, but due to the different fabrics,,,,they have different shapes. The WK dress measurements should be smaller due to the stretch. What ever you buy do NOT size up.

        • Dear vickybliss….Jac has bought some dresses in the petite size. What comes to mind is an Eileen Fisher linen dress that she found too long in the reg.

  • Louis, please, when you are showing the beautiful lilac veiled blouse that Jac is modeling on her Facebook page, please describe to us the color, as to whether it has red or blue undertones. I love that blouse. So elegant.

  • Hi Louis. Anxiously awaiting your shows. Just read that Jac won’t be there. So sorry she’s not feeling well and I hope it’s just her back (as if that’s not bad enough). As I have said before, she will be sorely missed and the shows are never the same without her. She’s the consummate model except for her warmth. I feel so bad for both of you. What effects one effects the other. Take care. BOTH OF YOU,

    • Dear Mimi….I will tell Jac what you said.It is her back. There is no way she can make these trips of 6 hours of driving and there is no possibility of her modeling. The fast pace of getting in and out of clothes and standing for more then an hour is too much on her. She is much better off watching from the comfort of our home with the babies around her. I think she likes it!

      • I understand about Jac’s back that’s why I say, day by day and wish she could feel better. My husband has had two back surgeries and I am trying to avoid one. So, Jac should enjoy her time with the girls in the comfort of your home. It is well deserved. She’s worked hard enough, as you have. Don’t push yourself and please take care of yourself. Your health is more important than your Linea line. YOU COME FIRST! As I have mentioned in the past, I worked in the Garment Industry (at the same time as you did) and it was a great exciting time but at the same time, it was crazy and extremely hectic. So, you have paid your dues several times over. I hope you get enough enjoyment out of being on QVC because as you said, between the traveling, the hustle and bustle and the rigorous schedule I’m sure it is extremely draining. Your ladies appreciate you, always know that but your health is more important and that always comes first.

  • Linea Ladies!!!! The green patina fish pendant and Etruscan set are posted!!!

  • Hi Louis,
    Thanks for all the sneak peeks. I’m super excited about what is coming. What date will the Reefer coat be making it’s appearance? I don’t want to miss it. Would you say we should order the same size as the coat with the hammered buttons from last winter?

    Donna from California

    • Yes to the size, and it will be on the 4pm show on Friday, 10/20

      • Hi Louis.Writing my list for ordering this week and I have 2 questions. Apologies if redundant but, the petite ponte pants to come…did you say there would be an alabaster? Also, the fawn Reefer coat,will it work with the dark sand crepe pull on pants..there were also blk and ivy.Bought that pair with tank and asymmetrical duster for mother and thinking she would slay in the reefer coatThanks so much! You rock!

        • Dear Pamela…..I really don’t see the gauze pant with the Reefer coat…..The new petite Boot Cut Super Ponte pant will be avail in Feb….in Alabaster, Black and Dark Olive.

  • Can you give any info on the duster you briefly touch on a little while ago ??????

  • Hi Louis –

    I really love my port tunic and pants. Will the new wine leather jacket work with the port color?

  • OMG – Just figured out you brought the Whisper Knit pants back – I feel like I have died and gone to Heaven!!!! I lost weight and needed a smaller size and asked last year and you didn’t think you were going to bring them back so I ordered the Ponte Knit like you suggested and I love them too, but you have no idea how excited I am to get my Whisper Knit pants back again!!!! All I can say Luis, is Thank you Thank you Thank you! I wear all of your clothes and you help me look very professional in the workplace and maintain my fashionable reputation – I always give you the credit – thank you for what you do!!!!

  • Louis,

    I ordered several of your items this summer and early fall. A standout basic favorite for me was the WK swing tank. Would love that in more colors. I bought the green WK swing sweater even though I have so many of them and don’t get to wear them as much as I’d like here in FL. Gorgeous color. Love the new port sweater too. These are just a few of the items I knew I had to have when I saw them.

    What I really wanted to tell to was I was pleasantly surprised by some items I didn’t think I’d buy. First was the alabaster glass bead necklace. Love!!!! I wore it for the first time yesterday over the dark brown (chocolate? espresso?) tank with chiffon bottom (it’s still hot here). I also decided after reading some reviews, that I wanted the alabaster and blackberry print blouses. Since I don’t have a lot of need for some of your warmer winter items, I thought I needed both blouses as I can wear them year round here. But by the time I ordered it, I could only get the alabaster. Went on WL for the blackberry. I received and wore the alabaster Monday. Gorgeous!!! I’ve told you my work is business casual. Wore it with jeans and some nude Marc Fisher sandals and felt so pretty, yet comfy. I’m so glad I ordered it. But was bummed I missed out on the blackberry.

    Today I got the mail and saw a bag from QVC. I didn’t know what it was. Wasn’t expecting anything and didn’t get a shipping notice. I opened it and lo and behold it was the blackberry floral blouse! I was thrilled! Such a beautiful unique blouse. Can’t wait to wear it. Thanks for all your wonderful designs!!

  • Dear Louis,

    Any chance we’ll be seeing those single bar earrings that match the y-bar and station bar necklaces?

    • Dear Grace….I keep presenting them to the buyers but so far they aren’t interested. That is one of the reasons I now sell more sets. It’s a way to get the earrings sold. They rarely buy a single earring?????

      • Louis,

        I think the buyers are making a mistake when it comes to the single-bar earring that Grace desires. From what I can see, long and slim earrings are having their day in the sun once again. We all know, too, that this earring shape slims the face and gives a certain look that is attractive on most. Your “Wind Chime” necklace of old had longish earrings that we bought separately; there was one bar that was about three inches long. Very striking on.

        It seems to me there would be a market for them, especially this year.

        • Goldie…..I couldn’t agree more

          • Another thing regarding earrings — I honestly think that this is now a time of “anything goes.” About six weeks ago, I bought a pair of vintage Anne Klein clip-on doorknocker earrings in YOUR matte gold look; I knew in my heart of hearts that they were your design. They are large — but not too large for me to handle — and I thought, the heck with it, I’m wearing these no matter what the fashion is. Then my “Vogue” and “Harper’s Bazaar” arrived, and I noticed many large earrings worn. The latest issue of “Town & Country” has Jane Fonda on the cover, and it is my belief that she looks as though she has been styled by you. In fact, I posted as much on the QVC Forum. Her earrings are large and bold, the way you used to present models on the runway back in the day and often do now on QVC.

          • I so agree with you both! I would buy at least 3 pairs of Bar Earrings (Black, Silver, Gold) for me, and likely more for gifts, too. The buyers need to understand that your clients would most likely all buy multiples. I guarantee Bar earrings would be a sell-out!


      • I too was wishing we could have the single bar earring. Maybe you could do a set of three different earrings and being the single bar. Thanks for trying.

        • I’m compelled to jump in on the SINGLE BAR EARRINGS discussion. If I remember correctly, they looked like they had a post with the single bar dangling beautifully providing the wonderful linear look.

          I like to have my piercings covered, and I’m never completely happy with the earrings I choose to wear with my bar station necklaces…I hold hope for the matching earrings (especially in the shiny black and gunmetal).

          A girl can hold onto to her dreams until those dream comes true!

      • Louis, thank you for advocating for us–you know what your LL’s like so well. That earring is elegant & unique and perfectly completes the “bar” suite of jewelry. I sure wish the buyers would see that and make an exception to their “no single earring” rule, just this one time! I think it would be a sell out in every color. I know I’d buy at least one of each.

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