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This section is dedicated to and for anyone who would like to post a question or comment on anything so I may give some feedback and hopefully help in anyway possible. Please make sure all comments and questions are done courteously in respect of not only myself but all who view this blog.

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  • Hi Louis,
    I see from your updated schedule that the Confetti necklace, earrings and bracelet are going to be presented on March 1st. Is this one of the sneak peeks that you are having trouble posting? I can’t remember if you used the confetti pieces to accessorize anything in the last show. Can you think of anywhere I can see it? I missed out on the scythe necklaces because I was sick and went to bed early. By the time I got up in the morning, of course it was sold out. Trying to be quick on the draw for the confetti pieces!

    • Yvette, look at the video of the stripe cotton knit Tee shirt, A227743. You can see it there. The problem has been fixed, now if I have the time to get all the shows and appearances ready to even post sneak peeks other than the BIG DEAL.

  • I know it is too late for this year, but could you make a brown t-shirt again for next spring? (Perhaps it is even too late for next year). A few years ago you made one with gold piping around the neck which was great. It seems that brown is “out” this year, but I love brown with white in the summer.

  • Dear Louis:

    What does it mean when it says you will be on the “Main channel”. I thought you were only on QVC.

    My sincere condolences to you.

    Wendy Schell

  • Dear Louis,

    When will the Pompeii necklace set become available? That necklace had me at first glance. Of course I want two colors.

  • I’ve got a special request. Would it be possible to bring back A219799, the python print wrap top in a different small or abstract print of varying colors? I REALLY need more of this top. In my opinion, it is one of your best pieces EVER. And please, if we’re lucky enough to have it back, I would like the same fabric, not that rayon/spandex blend that pills and starts to look pajama-ish after only a few washings.

  • Louis is the Pebble Crepe Boatneck Tunic A288390 coming back soon? Someone said one of the colors is Dark Teal, is that true????? (my fave)

  • Louis, Do you know when the Seed Bead Bracelets are coming?

  • Dear Louis,
    My haul of guaze items arrived today. They are fabulous. of course I expect wonderful designs from you. The big surprise to me was the Sangria. What a glorious color. I will now have to order the pants. I had only ordered pants in black and olive.

  • Thank you, Louis, for the beautiful note. It was my honor to donate in memory of your wonderful Jac. Take good care of yourself. Hugs

  • Louis, I received the silver Scythe necklace today. I immediately put it on and to say I love it is an understatement. Like all of the other pieces of jewelry I have from you the question is always I love it and where did you find that? So much fun for all of us lucky ladies wearing your unique one of a kind special designs.
    It’s to bad that more is not ordered so that we don’t have to be constantly checking to see when QVC posts them for ordering.
    Thank you and wishing you well.

  • I received the copper ox scythe necklace and earrings….fabulous! Only an artist such as yourself could see beauty in a piece of vintage farming equipment. It’s sleek, edgy, yet modern. It belongs in your jewelry Hall of Fame along with the fishes, India pendant, beach glass and palm leaves to name a few.
    I hope it’s reordered so I can add the silver.
    Thank you so much!
    I hope you are doing well.
    Looking forward to your next appearances-

  • The QVC schedule shows you on several times on QVC2 the 1st. Will they be re-runs, or are you appearing all through the day?

    • No they are all new shows that I will be on plus some new appearances with new things have been added. I guess they feel they have me they are going to use me! I will post my entire schedule. This week end.

  • Hi Louis, can you tell us what the big deal is going to be next week? Also, will the crops be available to order next week?

    • Yes Ginny, the crops will be on my 2:00pm show and the 9:00pm QVC2 on the 28th. I will be sneak peeking the Big Deal…..It’s a Crepe Gauze top

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply. I’m looking forward to your shows next week!
        I hope you are having a good day.

      • Oh boy…can’t wait for new crepe gauze. Pretty soon this fabric will take over my entire wardrobe and I am happy as a clam every time I can buy new pieces. The mix and match possibilities are endless especially when I add jewelry. Keep it coming!!!!

  • Louis —

    Do you know if A273880 will be reordered? I love this skirt and would buy more, but it’s currently available in very limited sizing.

    Looking forward to your Big Deal next week. I’ve loved all of my recent purchases. Take care.


  • Thank you for the quick reply Louis. I know there will always be beautiful things coming from you & I will buy them! But that Scythe necklace is so unique!

  • Dear Louis,

    I know we’ll never understand the buying logic of QVC, but do you think since the Scythe set sold out so fast it will be re-ordered? I am kicking myself for not getting one, & I REALLY want the copper! Thank you for all your beautiful designs.

    • Julie…..I would think so, but they wait 3 months for returns before they decide. I am guessing like you. I will say there are many beautiful things coming, but the quantities are not large!

  • Louis
    The Bay Leaf Swing v neck top shown in previous sneak peeks is beautiful.
    I will be ordering it to wear with white skinny ankle pants and muted metalic shoes or my straw colored espadrilles.
    But, now the bead and leaf necklace set— will that be in your Feb.28th show??
    Need that too

  • Hello,

    I just received the navy and the white stand collar crepe gauze tunics. I had all four colors last summer and lived in them. They still look perfect after many wearings and washings. They are the perfect pieces to dress up or dress down. I’m happy to add these two new colors to my collection. I also have the coordinating georgette trimmed tanks. Love them!!
    Thank you!

  • This is completely off topic but I have just discovered a series on BBC/YouTube called “A stitch in time”. I think you and some of the Linea ladies might enjoy it. The series takes an historic painting and recreates the garment portrayed. The artwork’s history,subjects, and sewing techniques are also explained. I find it fascinating….just an fyi!…😊

  • Louis, what is the QVC model wearing in the picture with the Multi Row Faceted Bead Necklace J352561. A pink V necked top? Is it something new???

  • For whatever reason, I never ordered a fish necklace…until now. When I saw the presentation of the black fish I was reminded of a sweet story for young children about a little black fish named Swimmy. It was written and illustrated by Leo Lionni. His illustrations were wonderful colorful collages. I would have loved to wear that necklace when I read that story with my students before I retired. It would have been a definite upgrade to my other “teacher” necklaces….carved wooden apples on a cord, Christmas tree light bulbs strung on a ribbon, Easter Bunnies made out of little clothes pins. Those necklaces were retired when I retired.
    And now, I step out in my lovely Linea pieces. Your Linea Ladies come from various walks of life, but we all love how your clothing makes us feel.
    I can’t wait for “Swimmy” to arrive!

  • I live on the west coast, so I missed the very early show but watched the other presentations. I ended up purchasing the gauze crepe pants in black, the gauze crepe stand collar button front tunic in black, and the gauze crepe asymmetrical cardigan in black. I wear a lot of leggings and finally decided on both the tunic and cardigan that I can layer over them. I already have the gauze crepe asymmetrical tank in celadon and will wear it with the pants and tunic for an upcoming graduation. Your fashions were wonderful today, Louis. I appreciate your designs a great deal and look forward to your Big Deal on QVC2 in the next couple weeks. Take care, Lily

  • If the gauze crepe pants do well from today, perhaps next year you can persuade the buyer to purchase the pant in the copper color. It looked so rich on the TV. After the show I purchased the tank in copper. Sangria tank & pants were bought at midnight. Looking forward to receiving these items with the new scythe set in copper color..


  • So sorry you had a host today who was ill-prepared. You steered her through like a gentleman.

  • Louis
    Haven’t been able to be here for a bit, but would love to know
    when, about, is the beaded necklace with leaves set showing up.
    Any ideas? That is my must have!
    By the way, thank you for the creation of the ivory “Jac” suit.
    I am one who has been yammering for something like this for years!
    Simply put— it’s beautiful in style and fit.
    Once again , you hit the nail on the head.As always.

  • Good morning Louis
    I just order your dark mult colored new blouse. What a beauty! Wishing you welll !
    Thank you for all the work you do in designing these beautiful clothes and jewelry items. I have never been so well dressed.

  • Dear Louis, I had one of my Jac jackets pressed by my dry cleaner and picked it up today. It is so beautiful and so worth having professionally pressed. It’s as lovely as silk garbarding jackets I’ve owned which cost far more. The style is so current – It fits perfectly but It’s softly structured – I love it! I will always think of Jac when I wear it. Thank you.

  • Dear Louis, fabulous New Gauze Crepe items. The Moss crepe A273872 shirt that came in Sage, is it a match or same in color as the new Dark Olive Gauze Crepe?

  • Hi, Louis. What colors are the Petite Pull-on Ponte Pants going to come in? Thanks.


  • I love the super ponte slim leg A298446. Is there a chance that we will be getting these in more colors? I certainly hope so!

  • Louis, Any chance of doing black, navy or charcoal solid color joggers for the leisure line? I love your pants and they wear like iron.

  • would you ever consider a trench in a perfectly pink or periwinkle blue, or your aqua mist? We all seem to wear much black, taupe and grey, and all of these work so beautifully with your neutrals.

    • I doubt very much that the buyers would ever buy a winter fabric trench long coat in these colors. Maybe if it were a spring rain trench they would consider, but we haven’t been able to find a descent rain fabric.

  • THANK YOU for remembering all of us today.
    So thoughtful of you, for sure.
    It is those shared notes and cards and memories that get us threw the days.
    Warm our hearts and tears are that we were lucky enough to have our loves in our lifes.

    That idea of a white trench sounds terrific
    I love the fabric of the new blazer and pants. Superb fabric, very much like Italian gaberdine.

    • I love the idea of a white trench too, but I was told it would raise the price by 30%, and it is already pricey. The reason is there is a lot of wasted fabric that has damages in it when it is woven, and can not be used. White anything is always a problem. Some factories refuse to make white or even ivory garments!

  • Thank you so much for the speedy reply.I just absolutely love your clothes.

  • Louis the package was finally delivered today after 2 attempts, I spoke to David at TCJC and it appeared to be a FedEx issue. Now will await the replating and return of my 2 necklaces. Thanks so much for allowing us to have this Service/Option.

  • I was put on the waitlist for 3 months last year for the button up crepe stand collar tunic in all the colors, lilac, white. and others, to match the sleeveless top with the georgette on the bottom. I asked Louis about it and he said they were not coming until March. I hope they still are because I don’t wear any sleeveless tops but absolutely love the top. Louis, are they still coming? Praying for you as you work through all of your grief.

  • Hi Louis,

    Jacqui’s phone number is (513) 271-7361

  • Hi Louis,
    Today the A288390 Pebble Crepe Boatneck Tunic was posted with the following colors available on waitlist: Dark Khaki, Dark Teal, Merlot. And then the colors disappeared.

    I’m wondering if the Dark Teal and/or Merlot will be available in the A287617 Gauze Crepe Stand Collar Tunic. This is one of my very favorite pieces and I would love it in those colors.
    I’m looking forward to your show on Saturday. Ruth

    • I was put on the waitlist for 3 months last year for the button up crepe stand collar tunic in all the colors, lilac, white. and others, to match the sleeveless top with the georgette on the bottom. I asked Louis about it and he said they were not coming until March. I hope they still are because I don’t wear any sleeveless tops but absolutely love the top. Louis, are they still coming? Praying for you as you work through all of your grief.

      • Hi Chei, I bought the stand collar button up tunic in every color (with the Aqua Mist being my fav) and they turned out to be my best top for the summer. They do work nicely with the sleeveless top with georgette which I also bought in every color. I’m so glad to hear the button up tunic is coming back and I’m hoping for some more fabulous colors like Dark Teal or Merlot. Maybe Louis has some news on the topic?

  • Louis, a tuxedo jacket in Linea Super Ponte Knit!!! Oh my would that ever be Supreme. Linea Tuxedo jacket and pull on Super ponte tuxedo pants. Wow.

  • Tuxedo jacket — color other than our beloved black—bright royal or colbalt blue. As much as I adore your navy, I believe it would look too much like black, so I’d like to see a black version and a bright blacken blue. Possibly with satin or velvet collar. Single breasted; for sure.

  • Louis, I send 2 necklaces to be replated to this address via FedEx and they have attempted to deliver twice, I may have the wrong address: Repairs Dept. TCSC,LLC 3B Industrial Dr. Smithfield, R.I. 02917.

    Is there another address?

  • Hello Louis,

    An exhibit “Norell:Dean of American Fashion” is at the museum at FIT, it runs till April 14th. There is also a new book just out “Norell:Master of American Fashion”. I’m looking forward to attending a presentation by the author on Wednesday evening.
    I thought you and the other Linea Ladies in the NYC area might be interested.
    The museum is always free!

    Looking forward to seeing you Saturday.

    • Friends of mine attended…I was at a dinner to honor Jac Andrea Pfister who passed two weeks ago and his partner Jean Pierre, who passed last year. We knew them for 40 years and I worked with Andrea on the Anne Klein shoe collection…..I worked at Norell’s for a summer before I started Parsons.

      • I do remember your speaking of your time with Norell. I’ll also pick up the new book out about him.

        I’m sure the tribute for Jac, Andrea and Jean Pierre was beautiful and touching.
        Truly missed.

  • Hi Louis. Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday. Fingers crossed for the PBCPP petite boot cut ponte pants:) in alabaster..some new jewels too! Loved my last orders, 3 leisure pants, 5 tshirts, 2blazers, 2pants 1long cardigan. Love and prayers for you. Pamela in the “rainy” south

  • I want you to know how good your clothes make me feel. I have such respect and appreciation for your God-given talents as a designer and admiration for you as a true gentleman. As for requests, please give us a modest length black skirt to go with the tuxedo jacket. An elegant classic black suit. Would last the rest of my life. Please accept my very best wishes as you travel your healing journey.

  • Hi Louis- Is there any chance you will be doing shorts this year? I know that spring and summer are done in advance. Hopefully there will be some? Btw, I wore the big deal cowl in clove with the cypress pant. I wore a gold fishie around my neck too! Perfect outfit for a Saturday afternoon and evening.

  • Louis I received a thank you letter from Mass General today for the donation I made in honor of Jac. Just wanted you to know they are sending out thank yous. It was a honor to do this in memory of your Jac. Jac’s memory will always make your cloudy days sunny.

  • Louis,
    I would like more knit pull on pants A263382. Since they are a summer weight, will the Q reorder?

  • Hi Louis, I have a couple of questions concerning the new blazer with matching trousers. I ordered both in the black & the ivory. I ordered the blazers in size 6, and the trousers in the P6. The black one seams to run slightly bigger than the ivory. I cannot button the ivory up, as it looks to fitted. However, if I were to order up to a size 8, I think the shoulders would look to big. It’s not a blazer I see myself buttoning up anyway. I like the relaxed look of wearing it open. The fabric does have give, my question on this is should I stay with this size? …..or try the one size up? On the trousers, the P6 fit, but are truly fitted in the top portion. They button up fine, but again are fitted. I’m afraid if I sized up, they would be to loose. The fabric does have a lot of give, and am thinking they will stretch with some wear. Because of how fitted they look, I would only wear tops that hung to the outside. I appreciate your opinion on the fit.

    • Dear Carma….it truly is impossible for me to give you an intelligent answer without seeing it on you. If you can’t button the ivory I would say to size up. The grading isn’t that different in the shoulder so I don’t think it would be too big. The pant is a matter of comfort. If you feel they are OK without tucking anything in then I would say keep them. I rarely show anything tucked in anymore. If everything else on the pant fits without pulling i.e. the pockets than I would say keep them, but if you know they would be uncomfortable then return them for a larger size.

  • Louis, I suffer along with you through every post, picture, condolence you receive, I am in the same agony you are in. Never to feel joy again. Sorry.

    I would love a white trench. Much Love to you.

  • I received my items & loved the moss crepe tops. I have to write a detailed review soon.

  • Dear Louis,

    I am so sorry to hear of Jac’s passing. I loved watching her model your clothes with a beautiful, quiet elegance. And the beauty of a husband and wife who deeply loved each other with a sweet respect that made it a pleasure as a viewer to be a little part of.


  • I agree with ma y others. I’d love a navy or midnight tuxedo.

    And NAVY


  • Louis, I would love a trench coat and even the tuxedo outfit in your beautiful navy. I recently layed your navy leisure pieces, including the zip front hoodie with gold zipper and navy turtleneck with your double breasted navy jacket with antique gold buttons. I found some
    perfectly matching navy suede driver moccasins at Talbots and wore them with your navy socks for a nice column of color. It was a cold day!! Everywhere I went, people stopped to tell me how much they loved my outfit. Thy particularly loved the depth of the navy color. There is something about your navy that says “money.”

  • Louis,
    When you say “long” trench, I hope you’re talking mid calf….. I looked everywhere for a long coat in Oct/Nov and couldn’t find one anywhere. I think below the knee or mid-calf is so elegant!! A dark olive (army green) would be very nice….

  • Dear Louis,

    i wanted you to know that I recieved a lovely acknowledgement today from Massachusetts General.
    I was very happy to be able to contribute to Jac’s memory and to fight that awful disease.

    Love and prayers, Elaine

    • Elaine….thank you so much. I hope one day they can beat ROS1 lung cancer. That would be a great tribute to Jac. What ever we can do to help I know they appreciate.

  • Hi Louis,
    If I should want to have the sleeves on my “Jac” Jacket lengthened a bit, is it possible to do that or does the way it is mitered on the inside of the sleeve hem make it impossible?
    Not a deal breaker, but just wondering.
    Hope your having a sunny day as I am, Ruth

    • Dear Ruth, that is something only a tailor can answer. If the miter is cut then probably not.

      • My seamstress says that the miter has been cut so the sleeve can’t be lengthened. The sleeve length works for me as it is though, so thankfully, it doesn’t matter for me. However, I did notice a couple of reviewers who said they returned their jackets because the sleeves were too short for them. I’m wondering if you could request the sleeve on the tuxedo to be constructed in such a way that it can be shortened or lengthened. I really want that tuxedo jacket to be perfect for me even if I have a little tailoring done on it to tweek it. Thanks, Ruth

  • Hi Louis—I would love an olive long trench.

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